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Hello :)
So I've always had relatively large breasts and since I have no particularly good predispositions, these are not tight.
When I look at my mother and aunts, I know exactly what to expect after pregnancy -.-
Have always had a problem with my breasts and would like to have them operate on the ss.

does anyone have experience with it? especially with made breasts and possibly a later ss?
how long after nursing is an op possible?

thanks for the exchange;)


  • reply - 1: Hello July, I'm already busy with the topic, because I really (without wanting to specify ;-)) had beautiful breasts until my first pregnancy. Unfortunately, my entire breast tissue is torn in the 4th month of the first pregnancy (almost star-shaped from the warts to the outside). I was devastated, because if the tissue is damaged, you can not expect much there. For me it was clear that I let it set up (streamlining if possible) as soon as the child planning is completed.
    With today's implants you can also breastfeed, if that's important to you. However, there is no 100% security and considering what that costs, I would rather wait. Would be stupid if you then just to the 0.05% heard in which something went wrong.
  • reply - 2: Yes, with the silent I will now see after the ss, if that is possible or if this has done directly with further offspring.
    if I can breastfeed, I will do that.
    otherwise I'm more concerned that the operation would be free, if the breasts hung without breastfeeding after the ss.
    so that everything will grow again, etc.
  • reply - 3: My breasts were broken even with the first ss, I always said let them do wenns with the children's planning is over. If sonhnemann is now in the world and wanked I want no more kindergarten more. Then I will mine Breasts also tighten up the look already very worn out :-)
  • reply - 4: One says yes every pregnancy is different. I would not rule out that in another pregnancy, the breasts are affected again. With me it is so that the breasts are very grown again, just as in the first pregnancy. So it could have been good that new cracks would be added if they had not already been stretched anyway.
  • reply - 5: Huhu,
    So I also have a big bust size 85 E am 17 years young and have no good connective tissue. Think or hope, however, that my breasts are not going to be after the SS once they are still plump and tight.
    If they really look terrible 1 year after the ss I would think so but can not imagine this "ruin".

    lg :)

  • reply - 6: My mom has after three children breasts shrink or tighten. So with 40 2 1/2 years ago. I'll do it later too .. after kids :)
  • reply - 7: Later *
  • reply - 8: I also thought about it before the ss because I have a big and especially heavy chest 85E which will certainly be larger by the ss. Already have quite a problem with my back.
    Will then make a breast lift and a reduction make but only when the family planning is completed
  • reply - 9: Hello dear .. I'm sneaking in here from the March 2013club here ....
    So what your breast is concerned ... which does not relax through the silent but through the Ss .... and who has a weak connective tissue ... who will have to live with a not so tight breast after the Ss. .. completely independent whether was breastfed or not. ..that you will also notice on your stomach. .. clear in younger less than older ones. ..u at the first ss not as bad as after the second o third. ..and for smaller breasts u less hip gold less of course than big breasts u more on the ribs. ..not make you crazy about your boobs and your character. ..hey you have created new life. ..that one may also see quietly. ..there is something really great ... u should not be spoiled with son's thoughts. .. I can stand you ... I've even made the experience u my chest and my stomach are choppy ... but hey .. I also have four sugar sweet kids. ..and that was it resists me. super big boobs, I can understand it novh ... because it is really stupid if you can throw it over the shoulders if possible because zero tissue prevents them from not hanging over it and otherwise they hang maybe up to the knees ... but everything else is nonsense. ..I find each case. ..
    Well..ok ... sneaking away from me again ... before I reap evil looks ... but is not meant to be bad of me ... love greetings. ..sini
  • reply - 10: It's not like I'm totally exhausted because of my boobs. They're just not pretty and I'm sure I'll have them operated;)
    Is just not quite sure, whether 2015 or only after a second kind.wäre a pity, if the many money then would have used nothing and the breasts then hang again.
    Incidentally, by the way, 80e synonymous.
    so too small breasts are definitely not my problem: /

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