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We play! 16 months old

Two fun ideas: what to do with your toddler this month.

sorting game

At about 16 months, your little one begins to differentiate between colors, shapes and sizes - and the following sorting game helps develop that ability. By the way, as your child's memory continues to evolve, any repetition of the game is probably welcome!

Which skills are supported? motor skills and the ability to sort and build
What do you need? Household items in different colors and shapes

You first need many household items. And then it starts! Sort all the big items together in one pile. And then maybe the round things? Likewise, you can sort the items by other shapes or colors. A practical variant of this game: Unpack the shopping bags together and sort them by cans, boxes, etc.

Head and shoulders, knees and feet

Firstly, children's songs are very entertaining and secondly, your little one learns to name individual body parts correctly with the following song.

Which skills are supported? Naming of body parts, singing
What do you need? Her voice

You can stand or sit by this song, the main thing is to make the movements a text. Start slowly at first; Once your little one has learned the song and the movements, you can increase the tempo. Always point the sung body part with both hands. And so goes the text (if you do not know the melody, just imagine one):
"Head and shoulders, knees and feet, knees and feet.
Head and shoulders, knees and feet, knees and feet.
And ears, eyes, nose, mouth.
Head and shoulders, knees and feet, knees and feet. "

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And here you will find more about the development of your 16-month-old child.

Remember: every child develops at its own pace. If the games this week seem too early for your toddler, do not worry! Just try again later.

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