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Toys - same manufacturer other price


Have you ever noticed that some manufacturers sell almost identical toys cheaper at other stores?

I noticed it with music boxes by Fehn. A friend had a music box from C & A, which looked very similar to mine by Fehn. Yours for 10 € and mine for 18 €. The only difference was in some places the color and no zipper to take out the Spieluhrenwerk. Today I noticed it again. There was a dragon, as a music box, at Ernstings Family, which is available with small deviations and zipper by Fehn, only for the other price.


  • reply - 1: Did I already notice ... If fashion is fashionable for us adults, sometimes it also feels like it is produced in a factory and then it is simply labeled with the respective label.

    Have recently bought a chain of games - there are the prices for the same package of 24 pieces between 7-15 € I just realized that you have to pay attention to the materials. A few were different then.

  • reply - 2: perfume
    Auh smells the same comes from the same factory instead of 50 costs only 10 €
  • reply - 3: But with perfume, I always notice the difference! The scent usually never lasts so long and depending on what one has for one, it smells different on the body!
  • reply - 4: So there it stays just as long with the fragrance but sensitive anyway have a great nose
  • reply - 5: O-Ball products are cheaper at Rossmann.
  • reply - 6: I notice the difference clearly, so stay with the originals
  • reply - 7: Since I think the 8 € of fehn product but justified. It is good if you can remove the game for washing.
    Imitations are always cheaper. Sometimes, but unfortunately also really qualitatively worse than the brand product (theme of perfume and clothing) is often the case with toys. I find it naughty if the same product is cheaper somewhere else (eg O-Ball) you really have to compare everywhere, if you do not want to get annoyed. In Toys' R us I do not even go in, because there is much too expensive sold.
  • reply - 8: Where the O Ball in Toys r us 3 € cheaper than at Spielemax. My partner is still annoyed today.
  • reply - 9: Price comparisons are always worthwhile. The suggested retail price (RRP) is a suggested retail price from the manufacturer / distributor.Each store can choose for itself at what price it sells.
    That's why one and the same product can have different prices.

    It's different when products are similar. You have well described above that e.g. Zipper or details are missing, that the scent disappears quickly, etc. Since you have to weigh whether this is accepted or not.

    I do not want to talk about piracy. It's also about safety (toys, for example).

    If you look around on the Internet, you can quickly find out where and when the original products can buy cheaper. With three children, it makes a difference ... Oh, what, even with a child.

    Happy shopping!

  • reply - 10: I think it's better with a zipper, but you can sew it on yourself and that justifies not 8 €, I think. Materials were the same, too. Probably also from the same factory.

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