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How does my body change during pregnancy?

During pregnancy you expect many physical changes. Some are wonderful, others rather annoying. But they all go by. Therefore, you should enjoy what you can and comfort yourself with the fact that it is not forever, if it is things that annoy you.

Here are some of the most important changes many pregnant women experience. Some things will surely come to you, others maybe or not at all. But you will feel better if you know what to expect from head to toe.

Nice or brittle hair?

Her hair will change her structure.

The bad news:
If your hair is naturally dry then the pregnancy hormones will make it worse. Your hair can become quite brittle, pay attention to good care.

The good news: Many women get nicer hair during pregnancy, for example, more volume!

Inner glow or stained skin?

The hormonal changes change your skin.

The bad news: There may be spots on the forehead, cheeks and neck. You may also discover small, red and broken veins on the nose. Even worse, sometimes your face seems bloated. That sounds pretty mean, but this condition will not last.

The good news: The famous "pregnancy glow": During pregnancy, your body stores more moisture, making the skin rosier and wrinkles smooth. It's like Botox without injections!

Sensitive, but bigger breasts

Nature foresees that your breast will be its main food source in baby's first few months. No wonder your breasts are changing a lot now.

The bad news: Sensitive and painful nipples are one of the first signs of pregnancy. You might feel very uncomfortable for a few weeks.

The good news: Many women feel their breasts getting fuller and bigger as a side effect of pregnancy.

A proud belly vs. Stretch marks

Your skin is under heavy stress during pregnancy. She has to make room for her baby - which, of course, is noticeable on the stomach

The bad news: 90 percent of all women get stretch marks especially on the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, hips and thighs. You may also discover a dark, vertical line that goes to your navel. It will disappear and the stretch marks will fade. So do not worry about never wearing a bikini again.

The good news: At about week 12 all can already admire her tummy. Your uterus expands to make room for the baby, so your belly grows. A good reason to buy something new to wear!

Your legs have a lot to wear

The further your pregnancy progresses, the more weight you put on your legs and the more your body has to work hard to stay in balance.

The bad news: Varicose veins! The increased blood flow in your body may cause veins to emerge or become nodular. If you are embarrassed by the varicose veins, it is best to wear long trousers or skirts and support stockings. With a little luck it will be better after the birth.

The good news: Many people will encourage you to put your legs up more often during pregnancy. Make the most of this time - when your baby is born, it's time to wind down.

Your feet need respect

The bad news: From the SSW 18, your feet may swell due to water jamming in your body, making your shoes too tight.

The good news:
Is there a better excuse to buy new shoes?

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