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vaccinate; no thanks !!


This thread is only for the mommy's, their children Not want to vaccinate !!
We want to try to fight the endless discussions, because neither we nor you have / have desire to let you attack, just because you want the best for your child or?



  • reply - 1: Mmh and what if you are with respect to this topic is still totally uncertain or not all vaccinations for necessarily makes sense?

  • reply - 2: Then you vaccinate just what ma considers useful.
    It is more about the Steinigungs- and Disskusionsrunden, which never end, because you just can not dissuade anyone from his own opinion :)
  • reply - 3: I do not vaccinate: chickenpox and any kind of vomiting diarrhea. At some point there is still a vaccine against acne or knows the vulture. You really do not have to overdo it.
    The usual rest is vaccinated.
  • reply - 4: There are two good, informative books on the subject:
    Fights-pro and contra
    The vaccination decision
  • reply - 5: My son is not vaccinated so far ... we are not absolute vaccine opponents but we have decided to vaccinate him in the first years of life not to vaccinate .... I reacted as a baby very badly on the whooping cough vaccination, had to ventilate Therefore, the doctors do not want to vaccinate with him anyway ... On 30.1. But he is vaccinated against polio, tetanus for the first time..because the baby comes .... And I try convulsively to find the measles vaccine as a single vaccine ... Must probably get him in Switzerland ... to vaccinate everything else is out of the question for us .... the three things are in my opinion useful and sufficient! So we stand here with your stones ;-)
  • reply - 6: Achso he is already 4 years old and had until now the chickenpox in summer and no other teething problems
  • reply - 7: Why do not you want to vaccinate mumps and rubella?

    Just a question, not meant to be judgmental.

  • reply - 8: Mumps can also lead to impotence in boys, if they get them until adulthood. Do you want to vaccinate the teething troubles, if he does not get them in childhood?

    I am absolutely against this stupid flu shot. I am glad that my gynecologist has spoken to me garni first.

    I have an absolute problem with vaccinating my baby so soon. My girlfriend waited until the 5th month, got up early, told herself she was ready to go now, and is a pediatrician. I think so I will do it too.

  • reply - 9: I have never been vaccinated against the flu. Certainly I had already (at least 1 time) one time and behold, I'm still alive.
  • reply - 10: Of course you may ask ;-) Mumps and rubella are unlike measles not fatal infections, but rather as complication poor and "harmless" (harmless is kind of stupid). So similar to chickenpox ...
    Clearly any disease can end badly, chickenpox can cause encephalitis, but there I always think if this and that, yes you would lock yourself up, because even a harmless sinus inflammation can make a brain abscess.
    ... everything can evoke everything ... as always!
    Mumps is like all teething problems in adulthood really bad! If later then vaccination we decide then new :-)

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