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The first teeth


Hello dear mums,
I'm not exactly sure, but my little Zoe (20 days old) already seems to get her lower incisors. That struck me yesterday by accident where she had opened her mouth wide. Where the teeth are at some point, are two small pomps ... And she has also 2 days elevated temperature and crying in the evening a lot ... Can someone help me maybe? I do not know what to do there and the next appointment with the pediatrician is on 11 June


  • reply - 1: What bumps ??? Sabbert her ???
    So it can be einschießen.
    Well how high is the temperature ???
  • reply - 2: She slobbers really much. Fortunately, the temperature was only 38 degrees
  • reply - 3: Hello Dalla,

    Although I can not tell you if your little one already gets teeth. Should give everything. Even babies who are already born with Teeth.

    But increased temperature in the evening is normal ... in the evening the temp. Is always higher than in the morning. And the evening screaming can also come about, that she may be overwrought. So too much has experienced during the day, bright loud department stores, friends and relatives who the little constantly buzz and rumreichen, TV too loud or too long.

    Is the gums reddened at the site? My little one has so n bubbels on the gums but there's nothing coming, even though he's drooling ...


  • reply - 4: Achso ... and if it is too warm packed, if it is already warm, the temperature can also rise. The little ones can not regulate their temperature the way we do. That's enough for a hot day and it's starting to rise
  • reply - 5: Hi dalla, in the pharmacy there is dentinox tooth ointment that make her time on the gums .. my great had with barely two months and his first teeth ...
  • reply - 6: But 38 is already high for a child under 3month !!!
    So if it stays that way to the doc. The teeth come up behind the gums not directly aufa naja drooling begins early on meisst the erztsten come only with 4-6monate.
  • reply - 7: take a finger at the places, do you feel something about the places?
  • reply - 8: So it is slightly reddened and bumps are already easy to feel behind. She also chews on her fist lately. She does not like Nuckel, she spits it out again and again. But her fist is always in the mouth: P
  • reply - 9: It may be that the teeth einschiessen must but do not mean that they then come out the same way it was with my son. With the fever I would watch and if it is still there tomorrow then definitely go to the pediatrician would prefer to have a look too much.
  • reply - 10: So what kids are getting teeth ???
    How many and which ??? Or are some already there?
    My gets the lower incisors.

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