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maybe someone from bremen here?


hello, I, 36, try to get pregnant   and hope that someone from bremen or surroundings is here? with whom one hopes together, hibbles, exchanges thoughts, etc.? Would be glad ... lg


  • reply - 1: Yuhu I live in weyhe. :) I'm 30 and we try to get our first child. :) lg dany
  • reply - 2: huhu, that makes me happy, thanks for your answer :-) how long have you been trying to get pregnant? I press you the thumb :-) lg back
  • reply - 3: struck the pill in november. Has worked directly. Unfortunately ne fg in january: (now we are in 3.üz after the break. Thank you too :) Have lived five years in bremen. Until I moved to weyhe with my friend. Lg and a nice sunday
  • reply - 4: I'm from Berne, other side of the Weser. So I do not hibble anymore, because I got baby first. But I am open for discussions, questions, etc. lg
  • reply - 5: Oh, I'm 34 and got my third and last little mouse
  • reply - 6: Hello I am also from Bremen ☺ I am 27 and we try to get pregnant for the second time. Have a 7 month old boy.
  • reply - 7: Dany, I am very sorry, feel depressed ... but I am glad that you continue to taste good and it will certainly work soon, all thumbs and pawls are pressed here ;-) hope, congratulations, I'm really happy very, for me it would be the first child, my husband has two "adult" sons and now hopes a little if it works on a girl :-) but basically we do not care, the main thing is healthy and round my husband always says: -) Ask somehow many, what I actually did not think so of me :-( 'm not really there ... hm, ... you can somehow here if someone likes to exchange numbers without all the read Hello eb2014, I also press the thumb very doll and hope you have a lot of fun with your sweet fratz :-) vlg
  • reply - 8: You can send a PN.
  • reply - 9: Did you consciously decide for such a short distance? My last two are 21 months apart, because I thought then they can play well together later. I find it very exhausting now.

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