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if you would like to have a ticker of all your posts, e.g. It automatically counts how many days are left until the calculated due date, then here is a description of how it works:

You start on a page where you can create codes for tickers, for example, Lilypie.

There one chooses what the ticker should be for (desire for a child, pregnancy, age of the child, etc.) and then clicks through the next pages, on which there are certain things to choose from. Whether you choose a "mini ticker" or "full size ticker" format is up to you.

If you clicked through, you will finally see the last page "Ticker code snippets", where you will get the code that you have to insert here at BabyCenter.
Please take the one that appears in the box below by clicking on "For websites: Image URL" and ending with .png. (see image).

Here in the community under "My profile / About me" you can then insert the code (do not forget to save!). How exactly you can insert the code at BabyCenter, you can read here.


  • reply - 1: hmmm everything is only English and in German you can not really switch
  • reply - 2: Have to look on the left side, if you create the ticker at Lilypie. I think at step three you can choose a flag for the language so that the text will appear in German.
  • reply - 3: But you can! on the last page where you set all this, there are flags then you can click on the right one, the ticker is german!
  • reply - 4: Hello!

    I can not handle the ticker!

    Is there a trick?

  • reply - 5: Can you put all the command text, which is offered to you at the end as a code, here, then I'll take a look.
  • reply - 6: I messed up the code.

    Will raussuchen him tomorrow, try and contact me with any problems!

    Thank you in advance!

  • reply - 7: Hello!

    I can not do that with the ticker! Is it my Firefox browser?

    I try to use the following codes:

    Number 1:
    [Url = http: //] [img] [/ img] [/ url]

    Number 2:

    src = ""
    border = "0">

    What do I have to do differently?

  • reply - 8:

    The ticker does not work, I just tested it. It is indeed indicating one, if you enter, but can not save here.

    The tickers that work here must have an extension like .img or .png. I guess the ticker you picked out only works for the parent forum.

  • reply - 9: Oh! Many Thanks! Then I continue to search.
  • reply - 10: Hello,

    when entering the codes is constantly said URL is invalid. Can someone help me please?

    Many Thanks

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