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Pregnant with 17 and nervous


Hello, I'm 17 years pregnant and 5 weeks pregnant..have a little bit of a scare that goes wrong .. I want to do everything right .. Maybe you can help me to take a bit of the fear and what I have to consider everything


  • reply - 1: Hey Pat :)
    Oh I can understand you so well :) at the beginning I was also very worried that something would go wrong .. I can not take it for you, but maybe it will help you to know that probably every expectant mum will be like this :)
    I honestly did not pay much attention except quit smoking and drank no more alcohol (which is both logical)
  • reply - 2: Huhu I can understand the well the first time I was pregnant, I was 17 years old, strangely enough, I was not afraid that the ss went off without a hitch, I am now 23 and 2 times pregnant in the 7 ssw and also panicked because I can not rest as well as I did then, but this fear will not go away even if the baby will be there, the fear stays that way, make sure you do not lift heavy, eat raw food, sushi or not well fried meat Heat no mayonnaise, do not bathe too hot but all that is guaranteed to have the fa said :)
  • reply - 3: Hi! Can only understand your fear too well. But that's the way every expectant mother is, at 17, 27 or 37.
    Eight of all your body feeling, that's important. Your body tells you what he and the baby need. Eat healthy, exercise sportily, do not lift too heavy, drink a lot and take a break if you think you need them. You can do that, you're pregnant.
    Am now pregnant for the second time and I'm really scared again, as it probably will.

    All the best!

  • reply - 4: Hi I'm 17 and in the 10 week! However, I had a miscarriage in March! But my doctor says so long as I have no bleeding, everything is going great!
    Relax and look forward to my little baby!
  • reply - 5: do not be afraid, everything will be fine, but when your baby is there, you will also be afraid for me it is so in the ss I had many complications so the reason for the fear now he is there and I always have animal anxiety what happens to him what that is just so I think in all mum it is the same
  • reply - 6: I think everyone has this fear. Especially with the first child. I'm 21 and 18 weeks pregnant, and even I'm scared every time something pulls or pushes. ~ is also logical, because you do not know all these feelings and impressions.
    With common sense, you should do it all but relatively well. Do what you feel like doing & what's good for you. Then your little one will be fine too! All the best for the future. : *
  • reply - 7: Hey I'm 18 and in the 36 ssw I was scared at the beginning but like the others have already said stop your gut feeling. If you are not really sure call your FA on the can tell you more. :) And clearly the fear that everything is not alright, I even sometimes have. But just always think positive :)
  • reply - 8: Hey I'm in the 6th week and also 17 :)
    Am also mega nervous to do something wrong or what goes wrong .. but I also believe that it is normal :)
    Lg kim

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