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Has anyone here possibly experiences with it? Was yesterday at 40 + 0ssw at my FÄ to control there I was told that the small at the moment is a stargazer, but it could still change under the birth. My little is not yet firmly in the pool , the head can still be deported ...... mumu is on 1cm but it does not work ...... Have now read a lot about a natural birth at Sternengucker and am very scared ..... My 3 I gave birth to the first children, but now I have real panic and I'm already sick. I'm going to have ache tomorrow .... I'm going to the check up in the CLINICUM tomorrow and if the little one stays like that I want a caesarean section


  • reply - 1: Then stop reading this nonsense and trust in yourself!

    Caesarean section should always be the last option!

    You've made it every time, believe in yourself and your strength.

    In addition, there are usually terrible stories on the Internet, because these women have a need for communication. The good stories are usually not written down.

    Think, when do you tell more? If you are z.b. annoyed about a craftsman or if he simply did something without problems?

  • reply - 2: Read the story of the birth of Anton here in our Märzwunder. Natural birth without pda and dan still ambulant.
  • reply - 3: I've read through the birth report and do not want to have such hardships ....... have had good luck with my daughter 3 years ago that she was born healthy (umbilical cord around neck had to be severed in the birth canal .. .... the Apgar values ​​were not exactly intoxicating ..... was blue and did not scream right away)
    And since I really do not want to take any chances, I prefer to spend a few weeks with a KS than anything that happens to my child. Besides, no one can try to convince me of a guilty conscience since I have already had 3 natural births behind me.
  • reply - 4: my cousin was also stargucker, at christmas <3

    The birth was spontaneous and went smoothly without a cut or a suction bell. My aunt loves to talk about the birth and has a positive memory!

    Stay optimistic and put your negative thoughts aside. Maybe you can talk to your baby and show him the "right" way.

    You will make it! Trust yourself and your child !!!

  • reply - 5: Well then you have already decided. Then it's alright.
    For me, it has only sounded like, as you are still thinking and you are in the end, only by the reports are unsure.
    Why should someone tell you a guilty conscience?
    If, then you do it yourself.

    Personally, I still think Caesarean section should be the last option. Just because the umbilical cord was around your daughter's neck does not mean it would be that way again.

    So you just have to be at peace with yourself and not "seek" reasons. Then everything is fine.

  • reply - 6: Huhu ne friend of mine has released her son without problems as a star gazer and with a fist in the face. But you have to decide that for yourself.

    Check it out in the thread "child situation" over and signs your problem or your fears there again villt knows because one of them or can give you courage :)

    Here I will close now.
    I wish you all the best for the birth!

    LG Pia

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