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Hello my dears. :(

I have to cry out now, too. My husband is only on assembly this week and usually comes home only on the weekend. Sometimes he is gone longer, which has never bothered me otherwise, only now that the kleene is getting more and more agile and some things are getting harder for me, I think support would not be bad. Mostly he sleeps when he is there and leaves household and office stuff with me. There are also moments like halting movements or when something is not so nice to be taken in the arm and to feel closeness. I feel more and more alone because some of my friends have turned away because I am not so agile and mobile. Shopping for hours or going for a walk with a dog strikes me hard. Also, they do not understand that I do not want the dog (which I like very much but he has worse than normal hair loss) in the apartment. Sometimes I just want to talk but even there nobody has time. :( to my family I have a good wire but my husband moved to love very far away from them.His parents are close but I prefer to do without.Will not come across whiny (I already have too much today) but I hope that there is more here to master almost everything alone despite the partner? Would like to wish you a nice evening


  • reply - 1: Oh dear ... I'm crying when my husband is 3 am awake: (I can totally understand you but some oh so great friends have turned away because they do not realize that my friend bissi is older and I no longer such a woman who is always ... join in is more mature than in my age !!! my parents show zero interest in us children and not on their grandchildren I feel really totally alone I would not have my friend I believe in to be zero point: ((
  • reply - 2: But that does not sound better to you. Although I have many who are pregnant now but I was just not from the beginning in the circle of friends but am joined by my husband. I am also sorry for your ellis. When I read this I almost cried I had hoped that there is no further because you want the germ
  • reply - 3: My fiancé Works a lot because he does not get it baked his boss to draw attention to that in the contract is quite different ... he does nothing at home left everything just me ... in the past it was never so I am indeed by bv at home but much has to ruin because still my big and our animals he was never someone who takes a poor in itself or so: (my family well if all want only what else I'm only alone except my best Girlfriend is free
  • reply - 4: Yes, the bad thing is that I have a 5 year old sister who is all for me: (she had gone there a couple of days ago at night and put a present in front of her door: ((it hurts me: ((
  • reply - 5: @Neidseemama: yes that will probably be the biggest problem. Am synonymous in BV and apparently you think (s) then that we do everything.

    @ Babben: I also have a younger sister. She often says that she misses me and I know that she needs me .... and there is no way in with your parents?

  • reply - 6: I am also so my friend and I have a ferm relationship between us are 250km ... :-( We have always arranged and see but since I'm pregnant, I was once up (3monat) with him must be with Train and have my 8 year old daughter with it then we have to change min 2 times and I just do not pack anymore .. then we have not seen each other 3 months it was the hell now I already have a partner and yet I'm alone as in my big , my friend can not so has two small kids with him living with him, with me in the whg 2zimmer it is a bit too close to 5 ... otherwise he would have come more often now he had been there for 2 weeks too come with train since car is scrap would not stand the long way stop came all at once only the dwarfs sick then he car in the ass ... it's all not so easy now he's gone since Friday and I'm only on howl I just miss him and I know not how long I can stand it :-(
  • reply - 7: So it was with us since the beginning of the marriage that my husband worked 7 days a week and also from very early to very late. Actually, he always comes to eat and sleep ;-)
    We already have two children and are expecting our third one and I have to say that I got into the situation quite well. Although I have a good relationship with neighbors, etc., but they have not helped me yet in the household, etc. An older neighbor offers that while always, but currently it works quite well. I accept it only gratefully, if my great after school can come in briefly with her when I'm longer with the doctor, the overlaps often.
    Once a week, my husband takes the time and makes heavy purchases such as water, milk, etc ...... for everything else I go with the trolley.

    I can really only give one tip: Do not orient yourself with others. .... when other men often accompany and hug their women and are home a lot, then with these men, that's what they can do.
    Our men do not have much time and can not be with us all the time.
    If my husband goes to the doctor in the morning even though he is in stress, or in between calling without any special reason, or on the way to the parking lot brings the garbage, then that's the maximum that is possible and as such, I appreciate these gestures. I can not compare him to dads who go to the birth preparation class together with the woman, or who shop for a long time or do the household, because he will not be able to become that way.
    But I know that he does all this for the future of his children and that he does not enjoy being away all day.
    My job is therefore to support him and I can only do so by settling for the few moments where I see him. ..... I know that it is not like this forever ;-)

  • reply - 8: naha90 nix my parents are ice cold
  • reply - 9: Hello NaHa90,
    you talk to me from the soul ... It's the same with me, although my fiancé is not always away but unfortunately work all day and comes home late at night and then usually has no desire for entertainment or anything else.
    I am also constantly alone, because I moved because of him from Mönchengladbach to Berlin (600 km distance), have left behind my family and friends and have not even found friends here in Berlin :(
    I have been living in Berlin for 6 months now and feel very, very lonely.
    I can understand you very well, as far as your situation is concerned! But head up, when the baby is there, we have no more boredom;)
  • reply - 10: Hi Sandra, with me it is just like you ;-) By the way, ET synonymous 1.2. :-D
    Moved to my friend, pretty fast, because I got instant BV as a geriatric nurse in outpatient care, and because we also lived farther apart.
    He is an independent master roofer and currently, just before winter, he has a lot to do. He is never there, except on Sundays and there he is so broken that you do not do anything with each other anyway. He works all day and immediately falls asleep on the sofa and then I have to go back to my house alone. Do not have any friends here, left everything for him and us, do household and his bureaucracy, to give him more time for himself, and yet caresses often go out, every 2.3 weeks, otherwise nothing. At some point it annoys you as a woman, you feel the same unloved.
    But still, we should not forget that our partners are working to make sure there is enough money for the little one! And for us as a family. I once said that it all put a strain on me, too often alone, no more cuddling, hardly hugs and so (after all, we should say a lot to our partners, do not eat everything inside ourselves!), And I realized that it was him annoying that because of his work, the private life on the track remains currently.
    So you really have to show understanding, as was suggested here, for the man who aches and aches, so that we are financially well! In addition, all day working is really schlauchend, one is to mithaushalten then hardly able! I've worked so many hours myself, then you can not do any more. And I have to remember that my sweetheart used to do a lot of household work, but that's not the case at the moment.

    Fortunately, in winter he has little to do on construction sites, so it will be better again, especially when our little one is there, then dad can take a few weeks time: -D that is my consolation.

    And besides, we are actually extra prone to such pregnancies! So let's not get over it !!!!! We will certainly laugh more when baby is there :-D

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