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Hello :)
I have only 1 year to go on parental leave, because we are financially dependent on my salary!
My question now, how do you intend to do that?
Is it possible to find a daycare place during pregnancy?
Are there any Mamis with experience?


  • reply - 1: Hello, I would like to go back to work after one year. With us many kindergartens only take from 2 years. I've already picked out childminders and I'm already in contact to "apply" for 2018. That seems to be very normal. LG
  • reply - 2: So we have already contacted the kindergarten and have already arranged viewing appointments. But it seems to be normal to take care of it so early.
  • reply - 3: Thanks for the info :)
    Then I know what I'm going to tackle right in January :)
  • reply - 4: Hi, So in my experience, you can register your child in kindergartens during pregnancy. After the birth, you then submit the data, such as birthday, name, etc.
    The kindergartens taking children under the age of two only have a limited and usually small number of places for this age group. And the kindergarten year always starts at 1.8 and places are already given in advance. In our city you get the promise in early December for next year.
    So my tip calls in the kindergartens and makes an appointment for pre-registration, if it is clear to you that your child should go early to kindergarten.
  • reply - 5: Huhu  

    So with us (educator) you can register only with the birth.
    That is totally different.
    For example, in Leipzig it is only with the birth and there you have to submit the application to the city (even for childminders) and wait, unless you are looking for a daycare center with free carriers.

  • reply - 6: Huhu, so in Hamburg you should sign up very early in the wish kindergarten, since the waiting list in the good facilities but usually very long. In some houses, for example, a monthly visit takes place, where you can then put on the waiting list. From experience, the free dates (especially in popular kindergartens in large districts) for these visits about half a year is fully booked. Say, if you get an appointment to look after birth you wait half a year and then-if it starts with a year-generally enough lead time!
    There are of course differences ... as everywhere, but if you know exactly in which kindergarten you want to go, I recommend a timely registration! (I once had a few that wanted to sign up even though they were not even pregnant .... crazy world !!!) just listen to how rare the places are with you, and if only acclimatised to the summer.

    Funny to think of something like that, even though the babies are not there yet, or ???? Strange feeling...

  • reply - 7: Kindergarten

    1 hour ago
    hey you love ...

    have you already taken care of the registration in the kindergarten? My sisters looked at me quite scared when I said we had not taken care of that yet ...
    I would like to take 2 years of parental leave so I thought it would be enough if the little one is there ...
    On the other hand, I have read in the internet at almost all kindergartens that the children take only from 3 years !?
    what do you say? Some of them are already moms and surely have some experience ...

    LG Maxi + Leticia Inside

    1 hour ago
    Huhu! I do not know how it looks to you in the place of residence ... I have a good month ago with all kindergartens abtelefoniert and I was told if I take two years parental leave, it is enough with the registration when the kids are there. LG

    1 hour ago
    With us you can apply online for a kindergarten place. The application is only active when the child was born. You always get in touch for the following year. At our daughter we got then offered some place. He was out of the question for us. Our daughter is now with a day father and we would not do it any differently. He has only four children to look after and that's ideal if the kids are so small. We are fortunate that our son can then take her place because she then moves to kindergarten.

  • reply - 8: My son (2 years old) is going to kindergarten this autumn. We're going to sign up for the little one now so hopefully she'll get a place next autumn. She then goes to a family group with her son. Our kindergarten is very popular and we were advised to register the little girl already and then shortly after the birth only the data such as name, date of birth, etc. to enter shortly.
  • reply - 9: In our place, the places in the municipal kindergartens are assigned by date of birth and not by date of registration. Therefore, you can register at the earliest from birth and it is sufficient to do that only about 1 year before the desired start of care.
  • reply - 10: Our little one will go to a childminder in the neighboring village.

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