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Parent-child gymnastics

Exercise is the most natural thing in the world for children. While babies gradually discover the abilities of their body through the first movements, infants are hardly able to stop their urge to move. Unfortunately, infants today are often so distracted by television and computer games that they are inhibited in their natural urge to move. At the same time, exercise is enormously important at any age.

Early sports already for the little ones?

Even if babies struggle in the cradle, roll or crawl through the room and even crawl from A to B at full speed, it is certainly not wrong to offer them further fitness, so that body and soul develop optimally. It is not about pressure to perform, but about giving the baby playful offers.

Some exercise programs for babies last 90 minutes and take place in very warm rooms so the babies can kick naked. On the one hand, this is great, on the other hand, some babies are overwhelmed by the high temperatures, the stuffy air and the duration of time and quickly overwrought. Do not be afraid to leave earlier if you realize that your darling is "out of breath". Perhaps other offers are better, where the babies are not undressed and the time is shorter, for example, pure "baby groups" or parent-baby-meetings. There too, your baby will automatically move through the contact with others and receive impulses for its development.

At some point, from about the age of three, the demands grow to activate all senses while playing and running around. If you have a large flat or a large garden, living in the countryside or on a pedestrianized street, you do not have to worry so much: when the opportunity comes, every child will run, romp, climb and play hide and seek, even without it Course.

It can be different in a big city without much movement. Then at some point the right time has come to think about a course "children's gymnastics" or "parent-child gymnastics". An important side effect of these courses is the contacts that parents and children can make in this way.

Where are such courses offered?

Community raving is e.g. in gymnastic or sports clubs, family education centers, adult education centers, parent schools, midwife clinics and some health insurance companies offered. The participation fees can vary quite a bit. Who is a member of the gymnastics club, probably paid the least.

What exactly happens in parent-child gymnastics?

Such courses are usually varied. Often gymnastics takes place on a built-up equipment landscape so that the little ones can tackle a course quickly, sometimes slowly, forwards or backwards. Balancing (body-brain coordination), jumping and throwing are also part of such a course. Furthermore, singing and finger games, dancing and, of course, romping should be part of the program. The parents or parents are actively involved, contribute or provide assistance.

Useful or not?

The gymnastic equipment that is available for parent-child gymnastics in order to playfully train coarse motor skills and coordination are interesting for the children. Under expert guidance, the children also discover new forms of development. Through play and movement they learn their own limits, experience success and defeat, develop healthy ambition and pride. Self-confidence is strengthened and self-employment promoted. Physical exertion also improves the circulation of the brain, improves the ability to concentrate and promotes endurance.

But the most important thing is of course the fun that should be in the foreground of all gymnastics. Therefore, under no circumstances should you exert pressure if your child does not like certain exercises. As a result, you risk only developing an aversion to sport, which would be a pity.

Book tips: "Jacob goes to the children's gymnastics" by Sandra Grimm (Carlsen)
"Turnhits for Krabbelkids" by Constanze Grüger and Susanne Wehye (Ökotopia Verlag)
"Movement landscapes in parent-child gymnastics" by Constanze Grüger (Limpert Verlag)
"Toddler gymnastics through the four seasons" by Sabine van der Heide (Meyer & Meyer) advertising

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