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Birth story of Kathrin and Tabea

So my daughter just did not want to be born. She was 11 days overdue when the labor pains started at 8:00 am. Then I got tablets every four hours and was always connected to the CTG. But the contractions did not want to start. When my friend arrived in the afternoon, nothing had happened yet.

Around 5 pm I felt a pull everywhere, in the stomach and in the back. It was unbearable. I always walked around the room and my friend was supposed to massage my pelvis and my back. However, he massaged the wrong places, so I shouted at him all the time. He did not think that was funny, but he stayed with me.

My bed neighbor has said that I should ever go down to the delivery room, because the labor already came every 4 minutes. I said that there was still time. Then she called a sister who took me to the delivery room around 8:30 pm. Once there, my cervix was checked. He had not opened yet.

After about half an hour was looked again and the cervix was already 4 cm open. My friend was with me the whole time. When the midwife did the episiotomy I did not notice, only my friend saw everything. He definitely did not want to miss anything.

And when my little Tabea was born at 22.37, my sweetheart was the happiest dad in the world. That was my first birth and I'll never forget it again ... that's how beautiful it was.

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