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Gender recognize according to theories


My circle has already given a tendency. Have heard of some theories now .. what do you say?

The picture is in the 11th week.


  • reply - 1: Hello.
    We already have a thread for it. "Pregnancy theories around sex"
    Please look at the rules and take a look at the table of contents, or users search function.
    Then we avoid duplicate threads and confusion here in the forum.
  • reply - 2: How can I delete the post?
  • reply - 3: I can erase it or you can just close it. What you like more.

    Have a nice evening,
    PauLinaLotte121417 from the mod. Team

  • reply - 4: Huhu you have an advice what it could be picture is from today 13 + 0
  • reply - 5: ❤️
  • reply - 6: Yes, you can delete it.
  • reply - 7: Dear Nini94;

    The Te asked me to delete this thread, since we have exactly the same thread before and this is very well used with 400+ messages. Could you please post his beautiful photos there again?
    Thank you so much,
    PauLinaLotte121417 from the mod. Team

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