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Which of you still has pets?
And do your animals feel the ss too?

We have two cats. One is more mine, the other more that of my better half.
Even before I had done the ss-test, I noticed that the other cat is more and more picked at me. So right on the stomach or chest. At that time I found that very interesting, u. After a short googling I then read that often happens, because the animals already smell from the beginning of the hormones of the ss. That was almost the pre-ss test :-)
Since then, I have the feeling that the cats incubate the baby with me together.
Are home cats and toxoplasmosis tests always fit. Do I have to do lt FA monthly because I am negative.


  • reply - 1: I also have 2cats and 1kl. dog. in the cats, I was not so upset (shy) :-( but my bitch is always in the belly. :-) I was also negative u have to lose blood at each examination.
    LG Julia
  • reply - 2: I have 2 small dogs and the big mouse is always with me: D nice feeling if you so on a "watch" :)
  • reply - 3: We also have a cat, toxoplasmosis negative and that is already the second pregnancy. This time I had 2 x blood taken to test for toxoplasmosis. But we do not have a litter box, as our cat goes out and the risk of infection is highest. In addition, one should not be licked by the cat, because they get the germs in the mouth while cleaning. Overall, she is always a little more affectionate in the pregnancies.

    Lg Simone

  • reply - 4:

    We have 3 cats of different ages. Am now also the 2nd SS toxoplasmosis negative. The little 2 still go to the Kisterl regularly, because now my husband is responsible. The big cat is an absolute free-fall and when she's inside, she behaves. She also knows the situation with the SS and is generally not such a cuddly cat now.

    The 2 little ones are with me in the evening on the sofa and often in bed. Especially the cat is then always belly and is on pats. You are still playful, as they are just with 1 year, so I'm curious, then expired when the little girl is there. The big cat will not care, but the little ones will be curious.




  • reply - 5: I also have 2 cats lying on my stomach always :)
  • reply - 6:

    I have a 2 year old Border Collie and I picture him, he notices something. In the morning we "cuddle" always short, I kneel down to him and he hugs me like a little kitty. And recently he looked so surprised and sniffed for about a minute intense on my stomach. He was so sweet, like he was thinking, "Hey, there's something!" :)

    I think that the animals notice that. They are so very sensitive!

  • reply - 7: How does it work with your pets u kid ??
  • reply - 8: Wonderful! Bruce is a dream dog, and that shows in dealing with Kilian. He is everywhere with us, is included by us everywhere and I have also a week after ma from the hospital at home were again mitm course continued. I think he just realizes that he is just as important to us, especially me, as before, so there's no jealousy or silly new habits on the contrary. He seems to love it when he has me alone;) Two weeks ago, we even made the BGH 2 for the first time with 95 points;)
  • reply - 9: Well that's great that makes me happy :) yes, she is also very nice to Amélie, there is nothing eig sure she is happy even if she has us alone. Include them everywhere.
    Only since Amélie is in the world is she beating the alarm for every little thing and that's really tedious. : / u zb last was our neighbor because she knows u like u. She stood in front of Amélie's bed and chatted with her first the coco was greeted expeditiously but that didn't suit her standing there by the bed and talking to Amélie and so on. She started to growl at the neighbor and grab her (her snatch is easy as when playing) but you can tell it does not fit her is hardly the neighbor away from the bed everything was fine again. There were already several people to visit with no one did they do something !! Have a little fear that she really gets it: ((until now she was always a cuddly dog ​​u is very playful only 1.5 years old !! U she pees at once purely not always u even if you stand next to it (if ma says something is already too late) u no matter where even where she is lying that makes them for about 2we !!: /
  • reply - 10: Emelie plucked the cat this morning. My husband let her take her and she packed in immediately, so he underestimated her a bit. She loves the cat so when she sees her she starts to jump. But I have to say that I do not want her to massacre the cat. In the case of the big one, it always worked very well, he quickly understood that animals should be treated well.

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