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Dress and undress

Dressing and undressing is a bit of crazy looking activity for toddlers that you've probably already noticed if you've just dressed your child smartly and suddenly find it splinter-naked. But dressing and undressing, whether yourself or a doll / teddy, offers a lot of training possibilities for finger and hand coordination.

Therefore, try to allow enough time for dressing so that you do not have to watch the clock hectically, but can give your child that playful workout. Let your child do as much as possible yourself.

Best of all, make as many promising variations as possible, and stand by with a distraction when anger strikes at failure. Tiny doll clothes, e.g. is too complicated for toddlers and only leads to tears. For starters, capes and ponchos or pants with elastic are good for the teddy (you can make them yourself from a piece of fabric). Dressing dolls are also good, because here children can train their fashion awareness (and ability to decide) without it becoming too difficult. Reusable stickers may also fascinate, but very small ones are hard to handle with little fingers.

When it starts to dress itself, your child will best come with pants with elastic cuffs, loose tops and jackets without fasteners, and shoes with Velcro straps. This will help you avoid morning stress. Always have new challenges - a big button or a big push button - always one at a time.

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