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6 + 6 no heartbeat


Hi, I was at the gynecologist today. Doctor said nice big fruit cave watch and yolk sac and embryo are also in it, but still no heart activities. I'm very worried now.


  • reply - 1: Maybe you are a few days earlier than 6 + 6? Some people once wrote that they only saw their heartbeat when they reached 7+. Then it depends on the device what the doctor has. What does the doctor say? When do you have to go back? I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll soon be rewarded with a beating heart.
  • reply - 2: He has behaved quite positively. Only really thought to see a heartbeat today. That was already at 6 + 2/3 in my last pregnancy, but ended up in a FG with scraping. That was 2 months ago
  • reply - 3: I'm sorry. I very much hope that there will be a heartbeat soon✊
  • reply - 4: Hello,
    I keep my fingers crossed that this time everything is fine. I think you have to bite. be patient and see your crumb soon with a strong heartbeat.
    By the way, I'm in the same situation right now. I had a Missed Abortion 28.08.17 and now I'm pregnant again in the 5SSW. I'm just so scared and can not be happy at all. I have not been to the doctor yet. I'm waiting all the time for the nausea and fatigue, but they are not coming. with me whenever I feel well in a SSW, then ends with a FG. :-(
    Anyway, we hope for the best. I'll cross my fingers for you

  • reply - 5: My MA was scrapping on the 7.august. it was awful. Have no real signs and it drives me crazy
  • reply - 6: Hello,
    oh man I understand you very well and I wish you although you have no signs that everything is going well. The nausea / vomiting does not have to get every woman. It depends on every woman and your hormone status. That is, if you know your body very well and know every time you are fine, then the SSW ends up with a miscarriage, then it is usually like that. Otherwise, it is that it can be very different. For me it is so that with my son, so that I went off the 6ssw with all sorts of signs. The tiredness .... always came in every SSW in spurts, so I knew that my little one was fine. But that does not have to be the case with every pregnant woman.
    in which SSW are you now?
  • reply - 7: I am now 7 + 2 today. I'm constantly tired could only sleep and I mean that I sometimes have a little chest pain. I'm scared that I just imagine that
  • reply - 8: When can you go back to the doctor?
  • reply - 9: On Thursday I have the next appointment
  • reply - 10: Constant tiredness is a very good sign. This means that your body is working at its peak. This with chest pain, can be even worse. Ultimately, of course, one can not derive anything from the signs alone. I also have many signs, but the fatigue is limited and the nausea comes from time to time .... but that's not like my last successful SSW. I'm really depressed now and feel emotionally fix. I try to rebuild myself anyway. If this happens again, the cause research continues in fertility practice. So far, all my hormone levels were great, including anti-Mueller hormone. But on Friday I received a phone call from the doctor that I might have an Acquired Trombophyle. The diagnosis must be secured with a 2 test in 10 weeks. Nevertheless, I got heparin injections and ASS 100. For me, that was a shock. I have not sprayed until now. I do not want to inject anything because of suspicion. I'm still in the wind anyway. The stuff is not as harmless as some doctors claim. As you can see, it takes a lot of patience to approach things in a systematic way. At some point also works with security. You never know what certain events are good or bad for.
    Important, do not give up. We humans did not create life and life evolves, if it fits well. Just trust your crumb that does what he fits for himself.
    I wish you a lot of serenity and, above all, good luck to see your crumb at the next appointment.

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