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Birth story of Sissy and Menja

Unfortunately, our little mouse was overdue for eight days and, after an unsuccessful induction the day before with gel around the cervix, was taken by caesarean section. I was a bit disappointed that this time I did not make it in the normal way. 3 1/2 years ago I already had a section on Menja's brother Christian Marcel. But it was a good thing, because my uterus was so thin in the old place that I might be torn under the spontaneous delivery. I would rather not remember what might have happened then. I am happy about my two healthy children and think that they have come to an agreement, because the big guy was also eight days earlier in the world.

Greetings from Niebüll (12 km from the Danish border)
Sissy & Hauke ​​Carstensen with Christian Marcel and Menja Louise

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