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Hello everybody,
we speak 3 languages ​​at home. English, because we know each other in the language and have learned to love and we also speak a lot of English in the circle of friends. Spanish because it is my husband's native language and I learned it when I lived in Central America for four years. And German, since it is my native language and we live in DE now.
So our mouse grows trilingual. Just not as much English as the other languages. How do you do dad with multiple languages ​​and how have scon older children accepted? Sometimes I have to be careful myself that I do not mix the languages. Maybe you have tips and experiences for me.


  • reply - 1: My children grow up in 2 languages ​​so German and Albanian and that works great because I speak the language fluently. If you are with the grandma then you get bissl cubanisch taught but more fun if you have lust.
  • reply - 2: We only speak German at home. In the kiga my son learned english. And now he goes to pre-school with 4 years and the lessons are in English. In addition, they learn Arabic as a "foreign language". I can speak Arabic but not perfect. My husband is Arab. That makes learning easier for the school;)
    He had a lot of problems talking to him. Could speak very late really. And still hangs something behind. But it gets much better. When he was little, we lived with my inmate. She spoke Arabic with him. Think this back and forth, he was a little mystified.
    As a rule, there is actually. That everyone should speak in the language that is his mother tongue. Dad = Arabic mum = German
  • reply - 3: I only speak Spanish with my daughter. My family and spanish speaking friends too.
    Dad and his family logically German
    I hope that she will speak both languages
  • reply - 4: Our father is Arab and speaks Arabic with the children and I speak German. The big one can understand Arabic but not speak everything.
  • reply - 5: It's the same with us, I speak German in my native language and my father speaks Russian in his mother tongue. And it works! Sheep cake understands them in both languages ​​though the tune is different too!
  • reply - 6: We are also 3-languages ​​and it also concerns me how the child will accept the languages. I've been told that children will eventually choose a language and will speak predominantly only in the language. I also often experienced with us in the family. I speak Macedonian, my husband Turkish and if my husband and I talk then we only speak German. Is definitely confusing. In addition, if the partner does not understand the language spoken with the child, then you change more often to German, to talk to three. It always happens to us. Since I understand Turkish, my husband is always talking Turkish but I constantly switche. I think it is always best to speak in the same language. In the end we will see for which language he will decide.
  • reply - 7: Our grow up 2 languages ​​on the big one is 3 and does not speak fluent German it works better in Arabic but since he is in the kiga that will be better too. Home is Arabic spoken but I also explain it in addition to everything in German so he learns that too. The pediatrician also said children who grow up multilingual need a bit more time because more information has to be processed
  • reply - 8: Thank you for your experience.
    I also believe that a fixed allocation of languages ​​is important.
    Not so easy if you yourself have a linguistic confusion in your head.
    I'm curious how she picks it up and what she prefers to speak then.

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