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I thought it would be nice to have a chat for all those who can not sleep because of the hormones of pregnancy ..

If it or the like already exists. Excuse me! I'm sorry but I did not find anything


  • reply - 1: Today is the second night in which I have to point to the toilet at 3:30 and could not sleep. 1 hour later I have to get up because I'm extremely hungry oh man, I thought this time it's different ..

    At the end of the first night I was also awake at night from 3-7. The difference is that this time I can not sleep from 7 on  

    Is anyone the same? 

  • reply - 2: Super Thread!
    I am as already mentioned for 3 months so. Fall asleep at 10-23 pm, 1-1.30 am I wake up, fit. Mobile phone, TV, food, toilet, working emails answer. I'm in the living room so as not to disturb my husband. he always gets up at 4 o'clock, goes to work.
    I get tired about 6 o'clock and sleep again until 10 o'clock.
    During the day I run around like a zombie ...
    I do not know why that is so, I have no physical complaints. 
  • reply - 3: I think it's hormones. Or the body tries to anticipate the coming lack of sleep  
    After the birth of my grandfathers it was over with me immediately. I could always fall asleep. For that, the many interruptions to wrap and breastfeed fell to me very easily. I was not a bit tired and so the early days with baby were very relaxed.
    Hopefully it will be the same this time
  • reply - 4: I know that from the first pregnancy. In the middle of the night you are after a walk to the toilet just two hours awake.
    Currently my problem is always connected with the little dwarf. As soon as I get up, he's awake and rumbles around so hard that I can not even think about sleeping anymore.

    Can still remember it from the first pregnancy. Thought, but it was later so ... am now in the 28th Week and for almost two weeks here is ribbed boxes and Magentreten announced.

    I always listen to an audiobook now ... because something more active does not wake me up anymore. So I lie and just listen. Have already listened to three in a week :-)

    And I can confirm the theory that sleep deprivation can be improved after childbirth, whereby the little one and I often slept again from 7 to 9 or even 10 after the night was scary ... that will not work now !

  • reply - 5: Good morning everyone together.

    I know this insomnia. Just got better ... I rub my lavender oil on my wrists and neck in the evening and sleep much calmer and better.
    For me, it was not (only) the toilets, but often calf cramps, sleep legs / hips and worst of all were these plastic dreams. 2x I dreamed that something had happened to my son. After that, I was full of adrenaline from the little toe to the kof and could not get rid of these pictures, so I rather got up early in the morning hours. I did not have those dreams in the other pregnancies and at the beginning they just threw me off track.
    Luckily, a fellow psychologist told me that death stands for change / new beginning. And as I said, this lavender oil works wonders.

    And otherwise I can only agree, with baby in arms you can deal better with the sleep deficit viiiiiieeeerl. So hold out for another 3 months

  • reply - 6: I did not even get an eye last night   
    Have this almost every 2nd night. Either I do not know how to lie, or get leg cramps, or the little one starts to kick and if I have to go to the bathroom, I'm wide awake anyway 
  • reply - 7: Well then I'm right here.
    I slept the night at most 3 hours.
    This has been going on for weeks so that I wander through the bed for several hours at night, because then my hips hurt, if I lie too long on one side.

    I fall asleep in the evening, although I'm tired.
    Baby kicks and pushes and boxes in all directions. Feeling it is awake day and night. In addition, I usually have exercise labor at night.
    I usually get up and walk through the house ....

  • reply - 8: So many who feel the same way. For me, the nights are also torture lately. The little one is constantly in my bladder and when I'm finally dozed off after several toilet sessions, I wake up immediately and I'm totally dissolved. That's probably because of the strange dreams.   
    Well, I just hope that it all gets better with us all until the birth ... at some point the tiredness has to win ... 
  • reply - 9: It calms me down so much that it gets better after the birth ... 
  • reply - 10: I feel the same way. It was ok tonight but the last one slept from 12am to 4am and from sa top fit Almost every 2nd night like that

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