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am new here. My name is Nicole and my little one is 8 months old. I silence her and for 2 months she has been receiving complementary food. Noon, afternoon and evening. But she refuses any liquid at meals. Have already tried various cups and drinks. No chance. But if I give her the breast, she does not say no and drinks. Does one of you have an idea what else I can do? How does that work for you?


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    Hello, nice to greet you here :)

    it means patience, drinking wants to be learned. first how much are you still resting? liquid is also in the breien. she also has to get used to the drink and other delicacies. sometimes small ones may stain even when the water is slightly warmer, as well as the mother's milk.

    At first I did some powdered milk into the water with her. You could try it that way. first choose a mug and try first with some taste z.b. water. and always patiently. Maybe she likes to hold herself, my nipple also pushes the cup away and when I give her her drink well.

    What's the trouble to do is not to give the breast immediately after the attempt, but to wait. she remembers, I get what I like anyway :)

    You always notice very well if the little ones are thirsty, if the lips are dry.

    so be patient, your mouse will already learn :)

    best regards

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    my mouse is the same. She drinks her breast once a night and nothing else. At noon, afternoon and evening she gets porridge and morning fruit. But apart from the mother's milk meal at night, she does not drink any liquid. Neither tea, juice, spritzer, milk, water, etc. Have all hydration systems and cups and the like. tried out. She just does not want to, not even the breast during the day.

    My son was exactly the same, now he is 5 years old and still drinks almost nothing.


  • reply - 3: Nice that someone has reported.
    Only my patience is slowly over. Try it for 2 months. At the beginning Milcgpulver with it added or lukewarm water taken. I would not even see everything so closely, if not always or better said, these not too wet diapers. Have already tried for some days to give her not the chest. Nevertheless, she has not taken anything else. However, I have to report a small partial success. Today at the PEKIP she has drunk a few sips from my mineral water bottle. Offered at home in a cup for lunch, and ... She refused again
    , Lets see how it goes on.
  • reply - 4: I forgot something else. So in the morning she is completely breastfed and then after each meal, that is after lunch, in the afternoon and in the evening.
  • reply - 5: Hello Fine,
    are your diapers at least wet? And what do you do with your big one when he has a fever and hardly drinks anything?
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    Hello my dear,

    try to stay relaxed, that makes your mouse more relaxed.

    you have also answered your question yourself, if you stop after meals, no thirst comes on. We all need different amounts (I do not drink too much)

    So you just have to think about how you want to do that. Either you still rest for a while after the meals, which is also ok. or you reduce the breast. she will most certainly drink only if you only rest in the morning.

    see if she gets dry lips. you can give her a mug that you take yourself, that's more interesting. make her pretty full, with light tipping her lips wet. just something under it, it goes something wrong first.

    think about it, you do not need much. Sometimes you still rest in the morning that is perhaps 200 ml, then you do so in the puddle water or milk, so 100 to 150 ml. then water is in fruit and vegetables in it, a everywhere something. The need in the age is estimated at about 400 ml of liquid. So you do not have to give much to it.

    my drink also "only" 50-100 ml to the times and in between, but I've already started with 5 months to practice and he now takes the cup and drink independently if they want something. i.e. it is a process.

    Do not get discouraged,

    best regards

  • reply - 7: So she has a bowel movement every day but the diapers are not really wet. Mostly 3 diapers are enough in 24 hours. But she has no dry lips.My son's mouth is fuzzy just when he has a fever, but no chance, he just drinks as good as nothing.
    It just seems to be so with my kids that they do not need much.
    But since you are still resting after meals, your mouse does not need any extra fluid. That's what my pediatrician said.
    So do not worry! It is important that you relaxed at the thing ran, otherwise it will not work.
  • reply - 8: Hello,
    Thank you for your answers. You're probably right, and I should just be a little more relaxed. It's just that it went differently with my big ones. Well, I know, every baby is different.

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