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Birth story of Yvonne and Svenja

It was Sunday (14:10:07 clock 18:30) and 5 days before the calculated date of birth. I thought I could do another water change in all of our seven aquariums because I probably wouldn't have time after the birth. Up to that time, I had not had any pain during the whole pregnancy, so no sinking or foreshortening, my stomach was still on top! So I dragged 10-liter bucket for bucket, and at some point I noticed a very slight pulling in the lower abdomen (about 19:20 pm). I thought that was the effort and it was just a matter of a few drops or blows. Therefore, I did not let myself be confused and just kept going.

At some point during the bucket dragging I noticed that the pulling comes quite regularly. The whole thing seemed a bit strange to me, even though it was not a painful contract until now. But as a precaution, I called my friend and told her that we should go to the clinic as a precaution. She was just eating and said she needed 45 minutes more. I told her to take her time, because it would only take a bit.

After hanging up, I came up with the idea to measure the time intervals - it was only four minutes. So I called my girlfriend again and asked her to come immediately, which she did within five minutes. We went to the hospital, laughing and rumbling, she was more nervous than me. Unlike me, she was pretty sure I had proper contractions, even though she's still childless, while I already have a 14-year-old daughter.

When we arrived at the hospital (8:18 pm), my friend told the nurse, "She's getting her baby now!" The nurse just waved off smiling and answered: "We are looking first time." Until then, I was still really great, I was not even seen the contractions.

The midwife came and felt at the cervix how far he had opened. She looked at me and said only: "Oh! Oh!". I looked questioningly at her and she said that the cervix was already completely open, she did not expect that, because I was still blinding. I then came to the delivery room, meanwhile I noticed the contractions a bit stronger. In between, I wrote my sweetheart another text message, he was work-related 600 kilometers away.

The midwife left us alone for a short time, came back a short time later and then worked on the cervix forever. She wanted to rupture the amniotic sac, but it did not work out. The whole thing went beastily on the cookie, and I told her that too. She then put on a special fingerling and burst the amniotic fluid around 9 pm. Then the press contractions started and at 9:16 pm my little Svenja was there. She was 53 cm tall and 3250 grams and very healthy. However, it has caused me a second degree Dammriss, but now healed absolutely problem-free.

I had expected a short birth because my big daughter needed 6.5 hours at the time - but it would never have been possible to do so fast! The worst was actually because I had to stay for 3 or 4 hours in the delivery room station before I came to the normal station and it was so dead boring. That may sound funny, but somehow I was totally fit and could have pulled out trees! The midwife was also totally surprised, she does not experience something like that every day. I then released myself from the hospital Wednesday morning because it was too boring for me and I finally wanted to get out, not only to go for a walk on the hospital grounds!

I hope this takes a bit of the fear of birth here, because many often hear only horror stories!

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