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Birth history of Ayse

Although my gynecologist told me repeatedly that I should drink at least two glasses of water in front of the CTG, I forgot that again when I was on my way to the hospital for control.

At the CTG in the hospital, I had small pains and when they became visible, the writer showed a decrease in heart sounds, which led to me not wanting to let go (although the problem after two glasses of water and one hour waiting time renewed CTG has not repeated).

I got two enemas and asked for a PDA after a painful night. Until it worked, I had to endure hellish torments. After that, I was totally relaxed and slept.

Again and again, I and my kid were controlled. It took hours for my cervix to open wide enough (during this time I received a second infusion).

Despite the PDA, I had pain at birth. When pressing it was not bad. Rather, the waiting and the three times breathing before pressing were painful.

Then, when the time came and I had him in my arms, everything was forgotten, just as I was always promised ....

Finally, I would recommend to every woman not to forget that she should drink a lot. If I had stuck to this advice my little one might have had a very different birth date and I could have done it without anesthetic.

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