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Birth story of Michaela and Elijah

My appointment was on 14.7.07 and I really wanted to get the kid on this weekend, because I already knew from the beginning that I would like to work again after 8 weeks.
That's why I put a lot of pressure on myself during the last weeks of pregnancy, but of course that did not help. The doctor said at each examination that the cervix was soft and a finger wide widened. That could mean everything or nothing and so I went home again every time.

One week before the appointment, I agreed with the doctor that the contractions should be initiated at the latest on 15.07.07, because I really wanted to work again after eight weeks.

When I was at the hospital on the calculated date to clarify everything, there was no sign of contractions. The midwife asked if I did not want to change my mind when I started, but I persisted. She recommended that I try a so-called labor cocktail, but then she would have to keep me in the hospital for observation. I did not want. So I went home and searched the internet for a recipe for a similar cocktail of natural ingredients. I bought the ingredients and mixed a shake that was really disgusting - but I was tough because I really wanted the kid to come.

In the evening I wanted to watch TV, but it did not work. I was so restless, which is quite untypical for me. So I went to bed at 10pm ....

At midnight I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom (which I often had to) and I dripped. At first I did not know what was going on. But it just did not stop and I called my mother, whom I absolutely wanted to have in the hospital with me, and told her that I probably have a rupture.

My mother came, and I needed to calm her down, because she was upset. Then she called the hospital to inquire if I should come immediately or if there was still time. The nice midwife told me to come, but without haste. That's how we did it.

On the way to the hospital, I had contractions in 2-3 minute intervals.At one o'clock we were there and the cervix was 2 cm open. Nevertheless, the midwife said that nothing would happen before six o'clock. But it went much faster: the little Elias was there at 3.53 clock, he weighed 3450 grams and was 50 cm tall.

I thought everything was great. Most of the time I was confined or leaned against the bed. Only during the last press labor I could not stand anymore and sat on the bed. After three press swings the little one was born.

Everyone was totally happy and delighted that it happened so fast. I felt very comfortable in the hospital because my midwife did only what I wanted. Also because I had said from the outset that I was on an outpatient basis, has made everything easier.

When the little one was there, I first looked at him, it's clear. I was overjoyed by this experience and being a mother. Not 30 minutes later I got up again. The midwife did not like that, but I just wanted it. Of course I then watched as the little boy was bathed. I was not allowed to go home yet, I had to wait in a room for the doctor's visit. So I just relaxed and dozed with the little one, because having a baby is exhausting and a bit painful if you are honest. But it can be sustained and I would get a baby again at any time ...

So, this was my story, it was pretty exciting ... for me at least.

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