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MRI in pregnancy


I am in the tenth week and have a weird headache pressure all over the face at the maxillary sinuses pressure on the eyes but loud hno it is not afraid to have sinusvenentrophose or meningitis running nose too i would like to do an MRI but the doctors too denied because of the early pregnancy is not that it is magnetic and not with rays I must also know if I have something in my head or not that can also lead to death for me if left untreated: (?


  • reply - 1: Hello Linda,

    I think you're worried right now. So, as far as I know, an MRI is not harmful to the unborn baby. It could also be that you do not know anything about the pregnancy so early. I found something on the internet too

    Maybe you'd better get a second opinion ?! Keep us informed! I hope you feel better soon and that it is not serious!

  • reply - 2: Hello Linda,

    I had an MRI done when I was about the 4th week. That was before I knew I was pregnant. My FA said that is not harmful to the baby, as I also had many concerns.


  • reply - 3: I had to have an MRI done in the 31 ssw. It depends on where and why, you can probably do it with a few sequences, depending on what you are looking for. My MRI was done with 1 sequence and it was only 5min. I would do it if it is medically really necessary and it also has consequences such as a treatment in the ssw.

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