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Parental Allowance, Child Benefit and Co .... Applications and more!


Hello my dears!
I once took up the question from another post and try to make a list, where to apply for which money. I hope she helps a little further!

Parental benefits: to apply at the youth or social office of the responsible city - to apply within 3 months after birth

Child support: to apply to the Federal Employment Agency from the day of birth - is also paid retroactively from the day of the claim

Children supplement:  to apply to the Federal Employment Agency from the day of birth - depending on the income of the parents, not available for unemployment benefit II and social assistance. Minimum income limit pair 900 euros, single parent 600 euros.

Maternity benefits: at the earliest 7 weeks before the birth you will receive a certificate from the FA with a presumptive delivery date, fill it out and send it to the responsible health insurance company. Further information:

Other orders:

- Register at the registry office of the birthplace (!) The child, it requires the birth certificate of the child from the clinic, as well as the family book of married people or the descent of unmarried parents, identity cards and in addition to unmarried couples paternity recognition (as in the registry office - this can also be done before)
- Change tax card at the tax office
- register your child with the health insurance (family insurance)

Info here:

I hope this list helps a little further!
Of course, I assume no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness, but I have kept to the inserted links.


  • reply - 1: hey danny super the collection thumbs up
    lg melanie with phileas inside
  • reply - 2: How cool is that please! You are super!
  • reply - 3: Oh that's great, thank you
  • reply - 4: Jo, both thumbs way up !!!

  • reply - 5: Pretty cool Danny !!!! I heard that in some leases it says that you have to register an additional "resident". Have you heard that too? Do you do it?
  • reply - 6: Hello,
    No, I have never heard that.
    The child will be reported to the registry office anyway and there you will also give the address where the child will live.
    When landlord or office you would have to report it at the most then, if you get Hartz IV or housing allowance, then the need would increase namely.
    But in itself that is completely new to me, whether I do it, I honestly do not know. I do not think that concerns the landlord anything. (in my case it is not a private landlord, but a public rental company or something)
    I think the extra "housemate" refers more to a stranger you live with, who might still be giving you budget money or something, so if you sublet a room or something.

    But will also look the same time in my lease, if there is something in it.

  • reply - 7:

    Hello Danny,

    that's really a great lineup! Last year I was able to find everything myself and I seriously wondered how mothers do it, who have nothing to do with the internet, because if you call on the office you do not get the information about maternity money and vice versa, well you have to research everything individually. Very well.

    On the subject with the landlord:

    I can imagine that you have to tell the landlord, because I do not think that the registry office 'forwarding' the registration of the child to the rental. It is above all about how big the apartment is, whether the landlord only for a best. Number of people provides and also the subject utility could be a reason. I rented an apartment myself and there were costs, which were distributed according to the number of people in the household (for example, garbage fees, in some even water, if there is no separate water meter). That In such a case, you must certainly report the child, because otherwise the settlement of the additional costs is no longer correct (if only several tenants are in the house).

    Best regards, Elvira T.

  • reply - 8: @ Elvira Exactly something I meant. Have to see if this is the case with us.
  • reply - 9: Hello Elvira and Neyla,
    I had not thought of that, but it's true. At least it makes sense with the distributed additional costs.
    I'll make me smart and check it out, you do not want to get stressed. :)
    Thanks for the hint!

  • reply - 10: Danny, that's great, thanks!

    I think the application for child support will be tried in any case. Although I have not made it to the top yet, I would say that trying is always worth it!

    Thank you! * thick smooch *;)

    LG from Franzi

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