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Birth story of Funchatterin and Jolyna

It was Monday morning, I still had my big, round baby belly. I had no desire for the thing, if it had gone after me, I would get my baby weeks ago, but unfortunately it was not up to me.

Again I had a CTG with good heart sounds but without contractions behind me - nevertheless, I was convinced that it would not take much longer.

My husband wanted to organize the care and accommodation of our daughter Sarah. He tried to call his mother, but there was always busy. Therefore, he went and came back a short time later with his mother (who lives only one floor below). She was astonished that I was still the calm, even though my seventh sense told me that it would start soon.

After that, my SchwieMa went with her dog Gassi before she wanted to take sarah with her. My husband went to see where she stayed. While I just wanted to pack Sarah's things, noticed a strange "plopping" in the stomach and said to Sarah, I must go to the bathroom quickly, BACK AGAIN!

On the toilet, a surge broke out of me and I thought that's way too much pee. When I finished, I saw in the toilet a clear liquid, - yes, how should I explain it now? - Bits in it, which is not the correct description for it. I did not really care about that, I preferred to keep packing things for Sarah, because as a mom you have to think of many things. --zwinker--

Only when my husband was back, came over me like a flash of inspiration: "I think just my amniotic sac has burst!"
My mother-in-law took Sarah with us and we drove half an hour later to the hospital, where they confirmed to me that the amniotic sac had burst. Now it went off to the CTG and blood collection. The CTG seemed to me forever and I had a few contractions, but unfortunately, as was the case with all previous labor, they were so weak that even the CTG device did not notice them correctly. After the CTG I was sent for a walk words. "We will launch 24 hours after a bubble break."

This time in mind, I asked my husband to go home and get my comfortable trousers, so I could also put on something before the birth than the jeans I was wearing. He persuaded me to come along. On the way, I quickly wrote a text message with the news to my girlfriend. Well, that was sent, since I already had the first woe! My husband was just on his way to the apartment to get my pants and something to eat, because he had steam without end.

By the time he got back to the car, I already had the next woe behind me. So we drove back to KH, on the trip I had the 3rd woe! When I wanted to get out of the car, amniotic fluid was gone again. I had to sit down again because that was sooooo uncomfortable. But fortunately, I had a thick insert from the KH in the pants, which took everything. After we had changed the deposit, we are back to the delivery room, because the contractions were always more intense and came in ever shorter intervals. Actually, I wanted to have a water birth, but I take it once anticipated, even this time I have not seen a bathtub!

I was almost thrown on the bed and I was the CTG created. I was supposed to turn on my back because the midwife wanted to do a vaginal check on how far the cervix was open. He was at 3 cm. Half an hour later he was 7 cm and I had already experienced hell, but it got even harder.

At first I had a pause in the labor of about a minute, and in one I had to vomit violently. I screamed, begging for a break and pain medication, but the midwife did not respond. When Sarah, I had at least then got an injection in the butt and balls, at this birth, nothing.

Now it really started to hurt! I had pain that I would not wish for anyone. In a woe I jumped out of bed because I thought it rips it, I can not describe this hellish pain. First I was half crouched in front of the bed, then I went to the quadruped stand, my husband told me that I looked like a cow in the pasture. The hospital staff gave me first a mat, then a Gebärhocker, but I could not vomit Move stain. I screamed at every woe: "That's too fast, that should stop!" (That my husband had put his stool behind me, I learned later from stories.)

Now the doctor came to me and asked me to "go on the Gebärhocker, here they can not deliver." "I CAN NOT!!!" I yelled back. My husband tried with a quavering but muted calm voice: "Honey, come, sit down here!" I looked at him, I think my eyes spit fire and then I yelled at him too: "I can not do it now!"

Then I went to the stool and with 3 men they then hoisted me up on the little thing! I leaned against my husband and pinched his half thigh blue with every pain. Yes, men too are in pain when a woman is in labor! Then I realized how the head came to the exit and I squeezed what was going on, this time I did not want to be intimidated by my fear and then just stop pressing at the birth of the head, not this time!

I noticed every millimeter that the head slipped forward, but then there was no more pain. I just pushed on and when I realized the head was out, felt my hand where I suspected the head. I felt the hair of the child and I imagined that it must be dark, long brown hair, but I could not see anything! This brief moment seemed like an eternity, it was one of the most beautiful feelings I ever had.

Then came the next woe - she was as gentle as I probably wished in the opening phase, and with woe the body was born, now my daughter was born and I was so exhausted, but so overjoyed to make it to have! I heard the midwife and the doctor talking, the head was born at 23:06, the baby completely at 23:07! Then the child was put in my arms.

Jolyna was full of bloody slime, I wore a black T-shirt, actually one of my favorite, but I did not care. Then we waited for the next woe to bring out the afterbirth, but as nothing happened and the stool was too uncomfortable, I went, Jolyna in the arm, the umbilical cord disconnected, but not yet severed, to the bed.

Then I lay there on the bed and my husband has Jolyna abgelabelt. Now he had his daughter in his arms and said she was hungry. I wanted to take her to my chest and the midwife thought that was a good idea because it could break the placenta. So I created Jolyna. Actually, I thought that would be difficult, because we had to teach Sarah, how to suck on the chest, but Jolyna is not Sarah. I held her in my arms, her head in the direction of her left breast, and Jolyna immediately put the nipple in her mouth and sucked it in hell. But the placenta did not come anyway! Then I remembered that in Sarah, the placenta was simply pulled out of me, because no more woe came, or the placenta not by itself! So the midwife pulled on the umbilical cord, very slowly and gently and with a pop, she came out of me with an unpleasant feeling.

After that, we had to stay in the Kiessssal for four hours, because no one could bring us to our room, but when we were there, Jolyna and I fell asleep immediately exhausted.
Jolyna's data at birth
Weight: 3180 g
Size 52 cm
Head circumference 35 cm
On Thursday the 29.11. At half past twelve we were released from the hospital as "cured".

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