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The heat and the sleep ... :-(


Can your little mice fall asleep so badly in the heat? My child (now 2 1/2) has fallen asleep extremely badly ever since it was so warm. At the moment he does not want to go to bed again. We have the ritual: dinner, bath, with Mama in bed there are first looked at Bilderücher, then still a lot of songs are sung ... NORMAL he goes to his bed. Has worked so far without grumbling. Now he only wants to go to bed with Mama. Tell me how sad he is when I leave him alone. Then he roars like a spit u. fix and all. At some point my husband takes him back to our bed. If we are lucky, he comes to rest at 9, half past ten. This has been going on for days. But during the week he has to get up at 6! Slowly make me worry that he sleeps too little. In the day care center, however, they also only have 1 1/2 to 2 hours of noon sleep. They also have a crazy heat in the daycare ...

Do your children sleep so badly? Have the feeling that we go through a phase (apart from the heat) because he does not want to go to bed. If I go to bed later then I'll put him in his bed and then he will happily sleep through until early. But this eternal procedure every night that really robs me of the nerves right now.


  • reply - 1: Can I imagine :-(
    With us, the heat makes no difference, I believe. Unless he falls asleep during the day. Then, of course, it's only going to bed later in the evening. This has happened a few times already.
  • reply - 2: We had it a rag, where it was just too warm to sleep. Otherwise, I can only say, long live the cool North Sea wind.
  • reply - 3: Hello, we had that also in the heat so that was exhausting, but now since Monday she goes back to the kita and I have to say it works better again with the falling asleep. I hope that it will be as it used to be, that we put it down and then it fell asleep immediately without making a lot of nonsense.
  • reply - 4: My little one does not sleep anymore in this heat. At night she wakes up and walks around the apartment. It has 25 degrees outside at night and in apartment Ca 27. Do you have some tips for me. Go buy a fan but can I run it without it getting sick? By the way, she is almost 20 months old.
  • reply - 5: My girls are not sleeping that much right now. It's warm, and then the thunderstorms. I myself am also quite weather-sensitive and do not sleep well even at full moon. And even in the full moon nights you sleep more restless. It's just summer. Eyes shut and go for it.
  • reply - 6: Mine was watching the moon with me last night for an hour at the open window. (From 1 to 2 o'clock) then came with us strong wind and thunder and lightning there she went then to sleep again. It was then cooler even without rain.
  • reply - 7: My son is currently asleep 1-2 hours later than usual. I can fall asleep in the heat but also bad. I think you do not need to worry about sleeping too little. In the summer we also need less sleep. It does not stay so hot forever, and then it will definitely normalize again.
  • reply - 8: Thanks for your answers. Just leave her awake longer now. I was very reassured that it is the same with some.

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