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Somehow it does not work ...


Hello my love! I am completely new here on this homepage. Me or my husband and I have a problem. We've been married since September 1st, 2012, and we've been trying since about August 2012. At some point I was with my gynecologist (Feber 2013) because I suddenly had my cycle very irregular ... She told me I had Polycystic Ovaries , She prescribed a herbal remedy with chaste tree and told me to take 30 drops every day. However, I still got my period always 2 weeks late ... HOWEVER I had my last period on March 15th .. This coming Tuesday will be 2 months. I have never waited so long ... on April 22, I had wiped bright drops of blood and I thought I get my days .. but nothing ...


  • reply - 1: I know that will not help you and that's what you do not want to hear, but I would dare to do a pregnancy test, maybe it worked out now! Hope it for you!
  • reply - 2: I would also dare another test in your place - he can not be more than negative ..
    Otherwise go to your family doctor and let you examine again.

    Maybe you do not tolerate the herbal remedy and the chasteberry - I do not know this way :(

    Get well soon :)

  • reply - 3: At that time, I only took the monk's pepper for a week and did not tolerate it at all. I then dropped him off and was pregnant 4 weeks later. I did not dare to do a test. I waited until I was 2 weeks over it. I was so sure that he was negative, but luckily it was not. Had then in the early pregnancy synonymous slight bleeding and would have, if I had not known there also thought that would be the period.
    I would risk it and just do not hope so much that it is positive. I know it's hard but that's the only way you will not be so disappointed and you know that you have to go to the doctor, because that's what I would clarify.
    I hope that helped you a bit. I'll keep my fingers crossed
  • reply - 4: hello,
  • reply - 5: I can only join you florist. If you stop thinking about it then it works out too. So it was with me.
    Hope you'll be lucky soon
  • reply - 6: Hello, I would also advise you to first do a pregnancy test, since it was a long time ago when you had your last period. And if the should be negative, what we do not want to hope, then go to the doctor and Let your thyroid test. The thyroid gland may also be the reason why it does not work !!!!
  • reply - 7: Thanks for the many answers ... :-) I made a test in the morning. Unfortunately, that was negative :-( I'll just call my FA tomorrow, because she said yes, that I'm after my Period should come because of ovulation ... you'll just tell the times on the phone ... Nelle, I have a hypothyroidism, but I've adjusted them very well with tablets ... so that should at least fit :)
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    So now 1. to your problem - I can feel good in it - with me it was like that. now if the test is negative then there are still too few hormones in the urine and you are pregnant or it did not work this time and your cycle got mixed up (stress, anxiety ... worries ...)

    have 2010 with d. Pill stopped, then over half a year my days did not get, d. I am pregnant etc.

    then the doctors have said "uterine mucosa would not be properly built" and "do not ovulate, there can not work" - I would have prescribed all drugs - nothing has brought.

    Then I went to take blood again - suddenly I had values ​​off v. good and bad, I should do a thyroid examination. My FA said "yes, if you have such values, then you should not be surprised!" (I've changed FA by now) and the new FA diagnosed d. everything would be alright. 100 doctors, 100 reviews :-(

    out of sheer fear and stress and anxiety, I once bought the Clearblue Fertility Monitor device that Persona somehow did not work properly with me (so girlfriends said you could also use it to become pregnant). But I also read in various forums.

    I then "healed" myself or had luck.

    I bought the women's mantle tea and Agucaston - later then the moonstone necklace.

    now I am pregnant and have verg. Get the MukiPass Friday - I'm still scared d. something could be but like a friend v. me say "you can slip in the shower and break your neck - it can always be something, enjoy your life" and I do now too.


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