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Breastfeeding and nausea


For three days I often suffer from nausea after breastfeeding, sometimes it takes several hours through the day. Does anyone know? I have no
Intestinal flu, but also a lot of headache. I'm getting desperate, it scares me so I often quote all over my body. I know I should go to the doctor, but I still wanted to wait o


  • reply - 1: So for me that sounds like dehydration ... nausea and headache are typical. How much do you drink during the day?
    Your body will preferably provide your child with fluid.

    In case of a case you should go to the doctor !!

  • reply - 2: At least two liters. Did I first think too ....
  • reply - 3: Hello, I've read this once. Suffer it too!

    It is usually the oxytocin that causes nausea in connection with triggering the milk donor reflex. Oxytocin triggers the milk donor reflex and also affects digestion, along with other hormones that can trigger nausea. Many women report that this unpleasant feeling can be alleviated by the following measures:

    Drink something just before or during breastfeeding and eat something rich in carbohydrates (for example, a piece of bread, a banana ...)

    Take several small meals throughout the day to avoid blood sugar.

    Balanced nutrition. Less white flour products and sugars, but more whole foods and whole grains that do not cause the blood sugar levels to rise and contract as much.

    Drink more water (water is better than other liquids)

    Sleep more. That may sound sneering, but we often have the opportunity to sleep with our babies, and yet we do not, but try to use the time of his naps to do something "meaningful". But is there anything more sensible than Mother's health?

    I would have a blood picture in all cases, often after a pregnancy, the thyroid out of balance and that can also cause nausea.

  • reply - 4: Thank you for the info!
    Have you had it since birth?
    I've only got it since this week.
    I find it extremely tedious .... Do you always have it after breastfeeding? I can not say that very well, I quit very often.
  • reply - 5: For me the same, quiet also very often every 1-2 hours, so I am permanently evil. I've been doing that for about 8 weeks after birth, so I thought, "Huh, is there a baby coming in again?" But after a short consideration .. No, nothing comes of nothing!  
    Also have the feeling, vlt comes from the breastfeeding pill ?? That started at the same time hmm
    And I eat very well !!!
    I'm at the Fa next week, so I'll talk to her about it!

    At that time, I also breastfed my 11-year-old daughter, but not so often, rather than pumping it up and giving her a lot of powder. I had not fought this nausea with her! I also had the breastfeeding pill.

    We are sick because we so often breastfeed.

  • reply - 6: Hello! I have been plagued with nausea and headaches for about 2 weeks. Had it shortly after the birth, but then no longer three months and now we went again.
    I already wondered if there is about 4 months after the birth, possibly a hormone change again? Of course, sleep deprivation could also be due ...
    I quiet down, the standstills are rarely longer than 2 hours.
    Certainty will probably bring a blood test ...

  • reply - 7: It feels so good to read from you and to know that I'm not alone.

    At first I thought that was psychic, but I'm fine otherwise.
    Because of the four months - with me started exactly since my little one is four months old.
    I've already considered giving birth - but if that's not the reason? I like to quit but I have to take care of my three children and that is really difficult with this Dauerübelkeit.
    How do you do this?

  • reply - 8: Hey we have survived the nausea in pregnancy, we'll pack now;)

    I also try to distract a lot, really hard if I am really sick, then I try to eat something small and then it is a bit more bearable again, but as soon as I take a sip of water to go again I think a lot of my sweetheart that I do this only for him! That gives me strength!

  • reply - 9: You have a great attitude! Our mice are the most important :)
    I also hope that we can do that .... do you also think about going to the doctor?
  • reply - 10: Because of nausea now not. But I'll be at my Fa's next week anyway, I'll definitely appeal to it! Really always try to eat a little something, vlt it is a bit more bearable for you!

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