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Hello you already know me :) because I had a FG again and again become sick sniff cough ... My first FG I was sick after that again is it the usual? I am someone who almost never gets sick but this year already 2 times :(


  • reply - 1: Well, such a FG is very stressful for the body think it also suffers the immune system. In addition, you are simply simply physically and mentally very bad.
  • reply - 2: I could also imagine that it is a form of the body to say, "Hey, take a break !!" As Nilia has already written: one is simply struck.
  • reply - 3: I feel fit, but this cold coughing annoys me, it always happens to me :( I also thought about my immune system, I also do not take any more the vitamins annoying me
  • reply - 4: My FA advised me shortly after the AS to start again with the vitamins in my case Femibion. Just grab some fruit and relax. I've often garnished sage tea and drunk tea or milk with honey;)
  • reply - 5: I had elevated temperature of unexplained cause until four weeks after the FG. My body temp. actually never rises above 37 degrees. I have to be really sick. My HA also said that this resulted from the physical and mental injury.
  • reply - 6: I should take them as well, but I do not think taking these vitamins makes me more pressure then it just happens, physically it's better for me too, my fae said so i said i should continue to live my life as would not be because with me everything is right until now ... But this permanent get sick :(
  • reply - 7: It will be better soon. Do not want to offend you but have you ever thought about psychological care? I was after my FG 3x and that did me very good I could just tell somebody my saudoofen thoughts that does not look at me compassionately or sees me every day;) as well as after I have not felt for a long time.
  • reply - 8: Yes, I can only agree with that
    I have been twice so far and will go again
    It is very good !!!
  • reply - 9: So I was / have been ailing after the loss of my daughter often ... just think, has something to do with the hormonal conversion ....

    I've also been to the plumber six times ... And will continue to go there .... was just a therapy over 25 hours of my kk approved ... Should be possible if pregnant, if it works again. Otherwise, the therapy will be extended until then ...

  • reply - 10: I'm bothered by the FG me it does not synonymous down ... Therapy I do not need ... It's just the pressure that I had made me but now I'm better my problem is really only why I always get sick afterwards.
    My FG was so that you never saw anything and always 5ssw therefore it is not bad for me think so ...

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