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Newly coined terms in pregnancy and lactation


- Babytrash (tag)
- [BeistellBert, the]
- BEK - baby-parent cable
- uterus
- [high Heike, the]
- Kackastrophe
- Kackerlakack
- Prison prison
- tits living
- Tittent terror
- Breast Circus
- tits zoo
- WBD - Week bed stupidity
- [WeekBetter, the]


  • reply - 1: [4.1.] SB: Where is your still prison? Is not that spatially variable? [4.1.] JE: Still prison can be anywhere. Wherever I am, I am stuck.
  • reply - 2: today Crap and fact stories?

    [3.1. 21:28] JE: Yeah, shit all over. [3.1. 21:28] JC: XD Kackerlakack.And now and then there's no Kackastrophe.[3.1. 21:29] DR: On the assembly line. The disaster is coming.

    [3.1. 21:31] JC: N. sometimes yells because she has stomach ache, then I shut her up immediately then she louder louder for 20 seconds, then she drinks like 3 robbers and then puffs like a pirate and then she kicks and then everything is fine.
    When I'm totally tired and they shit in bed like a volcano and the man does not want to wrap then the pop-top water does not get warm immediately, then comes the catastrophe.

  • reply - 3: [31.12.2014 12:29] Yes: Yes. I'm thinking about pumping for tonight, but I've never done that before. I want a glass of wine [31.12.2014 12:29] JC: 60ml per meal. You can only pump 2 times a day and 10-20ml each, otherwise you will get emphasizes activities.

    [31.12. 12:45] E: emphasizes activitiesWhat is going on in there breasts Hausen?!

    [01.01. 16:25] SB: Oh man, you are crazy. What a breasts Circus... or was it Tittenzoo?

  • reply - 4: [2.12. 00:48] KF:
    Yeah, time is racing, stomach is growing, baby is getting more and more active, my Gebärmutti Now go up to the ribs, that's really blatant.

    [2.12.2014 00:50] SB:
    Gebärmutti, I like!

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