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10 ssw and 3kg increased


Hellooooo :)

Yesterday I stood with my mum on the scales and suddenly showed 3 kg more>. <I am first in the 10 ssw

Is there someone out there that way?

Before the SS I lost 20 kg and I could howl :)


  • reply - 1: Hello Anna, I'm in the 6th Ssw have already taken a bit too but to be honest I'm happy about it :-) especially because I weighed 45 kg in front of the ss. The killos we will get down again ;-)
  • reply - 2: Well, it took me a long time to lose the 20 kg and okay if it's the kid which weighs so much but I do not really want to eat it because I was really damn proud of the - 20 kg -.-
  • reply - 3: I'm just eating now I used to eat only once a day and now even at 11 pm I get cravings. Do not worry my mom got another baby 3 years ago and the next day you did not see anything with her. Since all people were shocked: -D
  • reply - 4: At the beginning of the SS, I also have cravings, even at night. Now it works, sometimes I even lost my appetite. Try not to eat too much sweet and fat, but more fruits and vegetables.
    At the beginning, blood volume also increases and breasts and babies grow, which is already something. And if you manage to lose 20kg, you can do it again, and if you are resting, it will be so much easier.
  • reply - 5: Thanks for your answers :)

    Why is it eig while breastfeeding faster?

  • reply - 6: You consume extra calories by breastfeeding. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee. I silence and take nothing off grad :-(
    So very individual.

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