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started today with Weight Watchers, there are certainly one or the other with the weight loss on ww is! Here we can motivate, exchange, exchange recipes and so on


  • reply - 1: Do you absolutely need a paid app?
  • reply - 2: So I do not know from Weigt Watchers if there is a similar one!
  • reply - 3: I also wanted to count calories around Christmas now (including my breastfeeding needs, of course) in order to simply eat consciously through this delicious time, without having more on my hips again.  
    Found a free app called MyFitnessPal - it's for iOS and Android and performs quite well.

    Of course, I do not know if it is suitable for real Weight Watchers - but if you want to start with calorie counting, maybe first of all a consideration?

  • reply - 4: I've got the app too and in the past good results.
  • reply - 5: Hello dear ones,
    I use the app:
    Diet Watcher's Diary
    so you can count points and also convert food into points.
    It costs just under two euros, which is a good alternative to the more expensive Weight Watchers app.
    As a breastfeeding mother, I have 40 points a day. How is it with the Weight Watchers app?
  • reply - 6: I signed up too. And with my breakfast already pretty good points then a malt beer for milk production and lunch and I'm ready for today 
  • reply - 7: Well then just just fruits and vegetables for dinner 
  • reply - 8: I'm actually a WeightWatcher too, but I can not make it to the meeting right now and the app is just too expensive for me to count. That's why I'm trying to count calories. But we can motivate ourselves here. Do we want to introduce a weighing day?
  • reply - 9: I'm also since 1.11. logged in weight watchers and have lost 3.3 pounds. I have to say that I only count points from Monday to Friday at noon. After that is weekend 
  • reply - 10: A weighing day would be a good idea. For me it is currently on Wednesdays because I started Wednesday

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