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Baby blues and postpartum depression


A topic that concerns many newly moms and should not be a taboo. Who has experience with it? When should you get help?


  • reply - 1: I'm having baby blues this time. I did not have such problems after my first birth.
    This time I have constantly days where I have to howl a lot. At the KH I already had talks with a specially trained midwife. I'm totally worried about our birth situation. I had a sec. Sectio. After nothing else went at birth. My mouse had turned in Sterngucker position and stuck with the symphysis. No matter what exercises we did in the delivery room she did not turn or move in any direction. At some point I just could not do it any more and asked for the caesarean section even though I actually belong to those who totally oppose this option.
    My powers were just totally exhausted. The doctors later said that she was so stuck that she could not have come normally ...
    But that is no comfort for me. I have to deal with this terrible feeling that I have failed and that my lower abdomen feels like it no longer belongs to me. It's all deaf. When I touch the stomach I notice nothing. I could just cry again.
    I wanted so much a birth from SL. Wanted to do this experience. My first birth was from BEL but spontaneous.
  • reply - 2: I am also very bad. I know it from my first birth already since it was exactly the same as AndreaWa82 but this time it is worse. Through this whole story with the tumor cut out with all the bells and whistles before and after that, I'm totally at rock bottom I cry only especially since yesterday because the mega long scar on 2 places superficial burst (the upper longitudinal scar begins above the navel and goes to the caesarian scar so about 15-20cm). I'm not allowed to do anything especially to take care of my 2 year old and I fall more and more into a hole. I am afraid of myself. These were the hardest weeks and months of my life and there is no end in sight. Woke up this morning and a lot of fat herpes on the nose, now I can also keep away from my children the only thing that gives me strength. I only ask myself every day when it is finally enough and what I have done wrong.
    Sorry for the long text but it had to get out.
  • reply - 3: Hello dear ones.
    I join you.
    I'm not mentally aware of this terrible birth experience .... and the birth was on 28.12.16.
    Also had an emergency Op, there was no choice ... see birth reports page 24 ...
    I am very sad and cry too ... but secretly. Feel overwhelmed at the moment 

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