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Since it quickly becomes very confusing when a thread is opened for each village and then unfortunately only very difficult to find the really important posts, there is a separate thread for each state or Austria and Switzerland where the mommies from the area find themselves can.

Here is your exchange thread that you can design as you like! Sort by postcodes or counties, swap, meet, maybe find girlfriends for life and chatter until the posting counter glows :)


  • reply - 1: Dear Spandauer, I copy your contributions here.
  • reply - 2: 1 day I'm a bit confused 
  • reply - 3:


    In October I was so 6 + 2 when I was at the gynecologist. There she could find nothing and sent me to the hospital for further observation. They kept me there. I had to stay there for 1.5 weeks without findings. They did not want to operate on me while I was free of complaints. They said that it could be too early to see what, and that you might still expect a normal pregnancy. Therefore, I thought that only with great luck already at 4+? what could see.

    I just do not know how to do that with the appointment. I get so short only one at a stupid time. Of course, my boss knows that we are practicing the long outage, but still I do not want him to know anything again just because I have to sign off for work for the appointment.

    I live in Wandlitz and therefore I do not have my doctor around the corner .... = ///

  • reply - 4: Huhu I'm from rudow and I'm in the 6th week :) I'm soooo soooo: D
  • reply - 5: Oh, and I'm 26 years old;)
  • reply - 6: @ vempy
    yes I understand but as I said 4 + 33 and fruit oils are nice to see ...
    yes that with the appointment is really crap ... can understand well that you do not like your employer right on the nose bi want ... Press the thumb that you get a good date NEN ...
    if you do the test tomorrow and he pos. Should be calling then?
  • reply - 7: Congratulations dasha
  • reply - 8: I'll be back with my FA tele. And HCG on 3000 so it looks good ...

    So I hope I am 11 days beat the little heart

  • reply - 9: Thank you :) how far are you?
  • reply - 10: 4+3

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