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Annoying bill


Hello girls,
I just got the bill from the toxoplasmosis test lab.
Fa meant at that time 20 € (I have written aufm flyer), now I am outrageous 52 ¬ numbers!
Unfortunately, Fa did not leave today, so I can only call tomorrow, because of clarification!
But what can I do, the lab will insist! :(
Payment must be made by next week, it's great at the end of the month!
I'm really angry!
What do you all mean?


  • reply - 1: Then just wait to pay. I am a civil servant. I am 70% eligible and 30% privately insured. The KK usually reimburses fairly quickly. I wait for the other 70% well and gladly 5-6 weeks. Now I have 3 bills, which together amount to scarce 900 €. Payment term anywhere two weeks. Is not neighborable. From experience, however, I know that they remind only 30 days after deadline. So clear that in peace and wait until the account looks better.
  • reply - 2: I would clarify it first.
    My bill from the lab was 25 euros
    I have informed my health insurance and get 70% of the costs reimbursed
  • reply - 3: So my kk does not pay for the toxotest. I do not know if there is a call for something?
    I'll see what the doctor says tomorrow ...
  • reply - 4: Although I'm from February 2013 Club have just read the thread, I have paid at the Fa 13 ¬ and the bill from the laboratory amounted to 8.45 €, however, I have to do again now to check for :)
  • reply - 5: I should pay for my Toxotest 40 € and got an invoice of just under 80 € .Has asked the doctor and it turned out that the bill from the laboratory was wrong. So ask quietly and if you have the flyer where another price is even more
  • reply - 6: I paid only 23 € ... maybe it's actually a mistake!
    Did you already change the FA? I've done anyway and lo and behold ... in the neck pleat measurement I save now 80 € !!!! ... and save 90 € again for the pictures!
    I think it's really mean anyway that doctors can easily calculate how funny they are.
  • reply - 7: @brine: No, I signed garnix.
    @joshy: that calms me down now, but I hope that's the same with me.
    @ Klump: ne, I still harder with me, if I should do it ... I think I'll call tomorrow at the new fa, whether the still take patients! ...
  • reply - 8: So I had to pay about 45 ¬ for it .. but had to sign before that I agree.
  • reply - 9: I paid 33.81 euros. Had to sign on the lab paper also that I wish this achievement.
  • reply - 10: I wonder how much the price for this investigation varies ....

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