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Good evening
I (22) go back to work today. I am employed as a TZ employee with 25 hours a week, with 8.51 hourly wage. It also happens that I sometimes work more or less.
Has anyone here any idea of ​​child allowance or possible financial benefits?

Thank you in advance for any answer.


  • reply - 1: If there is already a thread where it fits better then it can be moved
  • reply - 2: Hello,
    I'm actually from the December 14 Club! What exactly do you want to know?
  • reply - 3: From what gross / net wage would it be worthwhile.
    At 25 hours a week, it is 851 gross and 678.89 net (if the internet gives correct results).
  • reply - 4: Mh, I still do not understand you  
    The child allowance is automatically obtained when a child is born. If you are married, you and your husband each get a whole, so 1.0. If you are unmarried, everyone gets half a, 0.5. , and can then consider whether to transfer this half to his partner.
    The child tax does not affect the tax, but only on soli and church tax. Next I better not get out  

  • reply - 5: A little addition yet:
    If it concerns you, whether child benefit or child allowance is more favorable ... that you do not have in the hand, the tax office examines automatically in the context of the income tax declaration.
  • reply - 6: Thank you
  • reply - 7: We are not married and that's why I can not give my half to my partner. If we were married, he could have 1.0 child on the income tax card and I would just waive my 0.5. We were told so by the tax office.
  • reply - 8: Exactly we were married and so I gave my 0.5 to my husband and he had 1 and I no longer ..... both 1 I have not heard yet
  • reply - 9: That's right
    In a child, everyone gets 0.5 or only 1

  • reply - 10: Is not it! This has to do with the chosen tax code combination. 3 and 5 or 4 and 4!
    Under the line all get the same ...

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