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Hello Mommy ...
I wanted to hear how it works for you with the food and drink? With us it is a disaster: /
Mathilda is now almost 15 months old ... has had her first teeth for 3 weeks ... but she does not know what to do with it  ...
The problem with her is she spits us all back again or makes faxes, bangs her head against the rest or wipes herself permanently in the face ...
It does not matter if for breakfast, lunch or in the evening ..
You have to distract her a lot with music or the dog ... but I do not think that's normal ...
For breakfast there's yogurt or toast with spread ... for lunch normal cooked but made small ... for snacks, small made fruit, semolina or pudding and in the evening also casserole and small made fruit or vegetables ..
Morning and evening normal milk to drink from the bottle .. everything else does not accept ...
In between, I always try to give her tea or baby juice but there she just screams and spits everything out again ... She drinks even if only from me !!
It is already stressful if every day is the same theater ...
Does anyone know or am I doing something wrong?
best regards


  • reply - 1: I do not think you're doing something wrong.
    My kid is now 17 months old. (corrected 14). In the morning he gets mashed food a week (for reasons of time, that's the fastest). At We are soft bread with jam. It works well only since last We, before it was a game of chance, it has swallowed down or everything bunkered on the palate and then swallowed terrible. At noon there is porridge. Vegetable-potato-noodle-meat, etc. It is finely pureed, it is great. But I would like him to eat lumpier. That's difficult, he usually pushes everything out first. Anyway, what I have cooked myself and just crushed (I puree it all, because we do not go ahead, then he eats away one behind the other). If I take jars that contain chunky, it works better. Think about whether I should even bother to cook even more. Oh, everything I have to dive into some fruit juice at the latest after the first 7-8 bites, so he eats it at all.
    In the evening there is milk porridge with a bit of fruit sauce.
    In the morning and in the afternoon in between, I give him another bottle of Pre.Einmal, because he drinks too little altogether. And 2. because I have to touch his kids lax somewhere. Without the stuff the digestion is too difficult. Drinking (water) from the cup goes quite well for dinner. Of course not alone, I hold the cup. He only drinks far too small amounts.
    Now and then he crumbles in between times like a corn bar or the carrot-corn-flips of naughty friends rum and no longer swallowed. Overall, the food is a bit tedious and requires, at least at noon, a lot of patience. We do not really have teeth yet. Just the first tip of a tooth is looking down.
  • reply - 2: Ok ... then I'm not alone so ...
    Then it will probably keep quiet and wait;)
  • reply - 3: When I read this I have to smile because it is very similar to Mia. Mia is now 3 and is now beginning to eat something different than the mashed porridge with fruit squashes. Drinking the bottle has set her with just over 2 years. She does not drink anything else. She still does not understand how it works. If you hold a cup down then you bite it. But that too will come soon, according to the speech therapist. Now she eats glasses with bits. Not everything, but pasta is going well. In the morning porridge, a toast is now purely curled and eaten. Do not eat your own food so feeding is still the thing to do. You are not alone
  • reply - 4: Oh still to the info. Mia ate at the age of 8 months. Until she got her first teeth at the age of fifteen, that was the case. Then she stopped eating completely because it was 5 at a time. Now 20 months later you still have four teeth left but the food starts again
  • reply - 5: Chibi ....
    Does Mia still go to kindergarten?

  • reply - 6: Yes she goes. She has breakfast in the morning before I bring her. I'll give her fruit squeeze. She only goes until 12 o'clock. Since last week, I give glasses and she eats there mostly half and then at home a whole. Thanks to the logo, things are getting better and better.

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