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  • reply - 1: It's time to bring this beautiful thread up a little bit   

    I'm reading now:

    Donna Tartt - The Secret Story

    History: A simple-minded young man attends college thanks to a scholarship. By accident, he lands in a small Greek course with 4 other students. These seem to be steadfastly close friends and friends, he is gradually becoming part of their group. In addition to extensive substance enjoyment and philosophical-artistic perspectives, tensions within the group gradually become noticeable to the protagonist. These culminate in a communal murder, which burdens all to destruction, although the deed remains undetected.

    (No spoiler, the book's cover text reveals about as much :))

    Does anyone else know or read here? :)

    She has a very own style of writing. On the one hand incredibly velvety and fluent in narration, on the other hand, she likes to use many foreign words and again and again foreign language parts (for example, dialogues in ancient Greek / French / Italian, which are then not translated). It bothers me most of the time, since it is embedded so that you can follow well even without translation or knowledge of certain words. Above all, this seems to be their very own stylistic device. But you may have to get used to it nonetheless.

    Otherwise, I find her stories absolutely captivating! Had with me then The thistle finch began. I also read everything from her with the current book. In addition to her general narrative style (s.o.), I find her recurring, gloomy, melancholy and very detailed / accurate depiction of psyche, life and art. I find her writing (and thinking?) Way absolutely remarkable and fascinating. I find it difficult to compare with other authors.

    The secret story vll most likely be a modern sister of Crime and Punishment his. But just different.   

    So, nerdgasm out  

  • reply - 2: Donna Tartt.
    Looks also remarkable. Got something from Patti Smith.
  • reply - 3: Oh what's the wife.
  • reply - 4: Wow!
  • reply - 5: Yes, she has a strong charisma!

    It is also interesting that she has left for each novel lt wiki probably a decade and that is very unusual.

    Have now discovered an audiobook at Amazon, I treat myself then vll soon 

  • reply - 6: Amy did not move on with the sandmann series. But started a special band and I loved the one story. Do you know the?
  • reply - 7: Those mine me:
  • reply - 8: Yes   

    But it's been a long time since I read it (with 17 last).
    I still can not afford all Sandman parts for my own collection   

    I'm glad that you like it so far or at least sometimes already :)

    The Sandman series is something very special.

    Matching music for the background, by the way: The Cure or New Model Army (depending on when you read what, you'll think of me again)

  • reply - 9: Hey Jage, why did not you just show up here?    
  • reply - 10: I have this book in half now ..
    About history..
    A young woman loses her husband in an accident ..
    They had argued this morning and so the last of her words were not very loving ..
    After a fall she awakens in a version of her life where her husband is still alive .. and she gets the chande to change her life together ..
    Was now very briefly the story ..
    So far I am personally a little disappointed ..
    The material offers great emotional potential but the author does not always manage to transport ..
    I'm looking forward to the second half ..

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