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Recommended literature on loss

There is a wide selection of books that will give you advice and help if you have lost your baby. We have put together some of them for you.

Hannah Lohtrop: "Good hope - the end is down", Kösel, 21,99 €
This compassionately written book contains all the information parents need after a miscarriage, stillbirth or death of a child. It comforts, helps and gives practical advice. This book should always be the first choice.

Gottfried Lutz, Barbara Künzer-Riebel: "Just a touch of life," Kaufmann, 19.95 €
Not only helpful for parents but also friends and relatives. With a current address directory for contact points in bereavement.

Klaus Schäfer: "Footprints of small feet: first aid after the death of a child", Topos Plus, 9,90 €
The clinic pastor gives parents a guide to what to do if a child dies before, during, or after birth.

Sabine Bode, Fritz Roth: "If the cradle remains empty" Ehrenwirth, no longer available, only needed
Parents' reports of how they coped with mourning after miscarriage or stillbirth. It also contains many suggestions and practical tips for parents and their families.

Gertrud Ennulat: "Children mourn differently," Herder, 8,99 €
A book that offers helpful tips for dealing with siblings of deceased children.

Klaus Baumgart: "Laura's star" Baumhaus Verlag, 7,80 €
Even the tiniest readers are told that sometimes you have to let go of someone you love. For little Laura, a star falls from the sky, but she must leave him back to the sky, from where he shines down on her.

Klara Lenzen: "Deep in the heart and firmly at hand", eBook, 15,99 Euro
Three women (and one man) portray how she experiences the stillbirth of her child, how she has processed the sadness and found her way into a new life. A book by sufferers for those affected, a relentlessly open book, but also encourages - because all three women are now mother of a living child.

Klara Lenzen: "Memories of you", Shaker Media, 24.90 euros
A beautifully designed memorial book with many suggestions for mourning processing for all parents of star children. Here you can enter your memories of pregnancy, pasting ultrasound pictures and photos and formulating the thoughts about the difficult to endure death.
(Both books by Klara Lenzen can also be ordered via the website

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