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We play! 5 months old, 3rd week

Two fun ideas: what to do with your baby this week.

Attention, recording!

When a baby hears its own voice for the first time, that's a special moment! Maybe your little one does not immediately understand who is speaking, and it's great fun to watch the dime fall slowly. This game is a hit at any time of the day - but it's easiest in the quieter hours of the day before bedtime.

Which skills are supported? Hearing, verbal skills
What do you need? a tape recorder, a cassette (of course, also a smartphone or an mp3 player)

A long-standing but robust tape recorder, as one can buy it in toy shops, works very well for this game. You can also use your smartphone, iPod or a computer - the main thing is you can record voice and play loud. Place the recorder near your baby and make him babble. Look at a picture book together, tickle your little one or have a toy car roar. Make sure that you do not hear as much as possible yourself - it's more fun when the recording is mainly of your child! Once you have enough different sounds, sounds, and sounds from your baby together (and this does not necessarily work on the first shot), then play the cassette / mp3 to your baby. When your child looks questioningly at you, say, "Yes, that's you!" Play the recording again and again until the dime has dropped. Keep the recording as a reminder for the future.

That's what we get ahead of!

Babies love everything that is small and shiny. So, if you collect colorful bits and pieces together, then you firstly quench your child's collection drive and, secondly, your little one exercises his fine motor skills. Small buttons are dangerous to your child - it could swallow them and, in the worst case, choke on them. But there are also extra-large buttons to buy: Choose the largest you can get - at least 5 cm in diameter.

Which skills are supported ?: Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination
What do you need? at least eight very large buttons (diameter: at least 5 cm) and a small cloth bag or a cloth bag

Choose eight large buttons in different colors and shapes. But two of the buttons should be the same - so 4 pairs! Store the buttons in a small cloth bag or paper bag and have your child remove and replace the buttons. That alone can remain interesting for a long time and can be repeated many times! But in the end, you put your baby on your lap and together they search the button pairs together. Or you lay a pattern of alternating colors. This little bag full of buttons fits in any handbag and is a welcome change in case of boredom.

Remember: every child develops at its own pace. If this week's games seem too early for your baby, do not worry! Just try again later.

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