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Herpangina ... HELP !!!


This is my first time that I open a post. Hope to do it right.
So ... My little sweetheart is feverish for 4 days and vomits 1-2 times a day. 3 days ago we were in the KH because he was so tormented and just did not stop crying. The doctor there looked after him thoroughly and found a Herpangina. These are very nasty painful blisters on the tonsils and in the throat. Yesterday morning I went to the pediatrician because the virus has now settled on the upper gum. It is really dolle swollen and filled with bubbles. ; (And the stupid one can do nothing but pain.) Have you got something with that experience? I'm desperate. He just cries ;-(


  • reply - 1: Experience is not, but I wish you very fast and good improvement! All the best and a lot of power. Is there no antibiotics?
  • reply - 2: Hello Ramona, my daughter had about four weeks ago a stomatitis, this is a herpes infection that manifests itself with blisters in the mouth, it should just be painful. She has been crying all day not wanting to eat and not drink. I know how you feel. You can just give analgesics and hope that it passes quickly. And stop giving acidic foods, juices, fruits or even biscuits hard rolls. The best are noodles cooler quark pudding, etc. I wish you all the best.
  • reply - 3: Thank you. It is really bad that there is absolutely no means except pain juice. It can take up to 14 days for everything to heal. It's really the horror. And then today is the funeral of my father-in-law. I'm really nervous totally ready.
  • reply - 4: How long did it take for your little one until everything was ok again?
  • reply - 5: 12 days approx. We had a similar ointment as Dentinox we smeared her in the mouth then stunned everything and she could eat ...
  • reply - 6: Oh, your poor mouse. I wish her a speedy recovery.
    Also wanted to suggest Dynexan. The stuff is stunning. I've already lubricated when I had cold cold sores in my mouth or my mouth had bitten times. Is there in the pharmacy.
  • reply - 7: 12 days is really long :( Today is day 4 ... Thanks for the tips I'll get the same today. My big had the time when she was 5. But he is still small and can not stop except to cry.
  • reply - 8: Oh god, you poor mouse
    Wish good and v.a. FAST recovery!
  • reply - 9: a lot of strength I wish you. Is it still bad?
  • reply - 10: Thank you. Yes, the condition of him is still exactly the same. Now he has also got a bubble on the outside of his mouth 

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