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Help - investigation at 7 + 0


Hello dear, I am now at 7 + 0 and was at FA today. Contrary to my expectations, we have only seen a yolk sac. The crumb has not shown. The heartbeat we could only guess. The fruit cave was well developed and contemporary.

Nevertheless, I now panic that something is wrong: ((maybe you can calm me down a bit and take away my fear!  LG


  • reply - 1: Hey do not worry, my doctor said that some do not even want to show until the 9th week ... If a yolk sac is visible, it is ever a good sign. Am now in the 6th Week and I only fruit juice and yolk sac visible, should now come back in 2 weeks.
  • reply - 2: Dear Birte! I have your request in "check-up" reinkopiert, I wish you well and not too worried too much 

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