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Hello you love with me last week we found streptococcus B in the urine take antibiotics now.
Even a nurse worried me now what might come up to me. Does anyone know about it or is it someone?
I would like to have a ss without problems


  • reply - 1: I was told by my gyn that this is not a problem for the baby. Only undetected at birth, it can be transmitted and cause problems. I wish you a good recovery.
  • reply - 2: This is being treated during childbirth ... and also examined by default ... I wanted to have an outpatient delivery at that time, but then had to stay there with my child for one night, completely uncritical
  • reply - 3: I had that at the end of my first pregnancy too. Did not receive any antibiotic before. That should be given under birth. Since it was with me but very fast, there was no more time for it, so I have received no antibiotic. Even with my daughter nothing was done ... It is all well on. So please do not worry. It is only important that the doctors or midwives know it so that they can provisionally administer an antibiotic during birth. lg
  • reply - 4: Hello Anne33s,

    I am also a nurse and was also affected by streptococci in my first SS (presumably this time too). I also received antibiotic treatment at birth and my daughter was examined regularly (smears, temp checks, SpO2 control, etc.). That was really the only problem: we could not deliver on an outpatient basis or at birth. This is because it eliminates streptococcal infection, because (if these are rare) symptoms in the child, they need to be treated quickly.
    But if you already get antibiotics, it may have done anyway until birth anyway.
    Do not worry, you're far from being alone !!!

  • reply - 5: Thank you very much for your comments.
    My first daughter had a bds LKGS that's why I'm a little tense and can not really be happy that's what worried me so now.
  • reply - 6: a healthy gut has no streptococci - and therefore not in the vagina.
    you get a healthy bowel: this info comes from a specialized midwife

    ... "I have already tried (recommendation Dr. Anna Roeckel), the strepto-positive women to make a cure with laktoferment capsules rectal popular success: 50% remained positive. (I make only rectal smears, because if the streptos are not in the intestine, then they are not in the vaginal area.) - I also think that there is better today: let the lady with the lactibiane of phytolis make a monthly cure (15 capsules), then her intestinal flora is back in stock and the streptos can not thrive OR let them take the bread drink recommended by ursula of allmen OR the sauerkraut juice cure recommended by jo marty: biotta sauerkraut juice, every day half a glass of warm water with "a thimble full of sauerkraut juice that acts like an enzymbömbeli ".

    The goal of all of these therapies is to influence the intestinal flora so that it is healthy and fit and no Streptos can grow. they lost nothing in a healthy gut "

    I had the first SS strepto b.
    I then had it treated homeopathically. was gone within four days. since the mucous membrane i d vagina renewed every week, the test is a joke anyway. You can be positive on the SSWsbenunddreissig and negative one week later - or vice versa. certainly the test would be just before the birth

    best regards and do not be intimidated by the money machine ;-)
    ... and administer antibiotics to your child. The antibiotics you get automatically gets the child in your womb.

    ..and you should get the antibiotic administered twice. the second dose six hours after the first. if the birth takes place within a few hours, the effect of the useful antibiotic is safe in you and your baby ..

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