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Strong milk donor reflex

What happens if I have a strong milk donor reflex?

A strong milk donor reflex means that your breast milk flows so fast and powerful that it drips or sprays. If you have a strong milk donor reflex, your baby could pull his head away from the chest after swallowing for the first time, swallowing or choking because he can not swallow fast enough. Then your baby might refuse to breast or cry.

How does this happen?

Excess milk or heavy milk donor reflex are usually triggered by new or changing milk production, usually self-regulating within a few weeks. But in some mothers the strong milk donor reflex persists, even after their milk production has grown.

Some breastfeeding experts believe that this reflex affects mostly mothers who have many milk producing glands, called alveoli, in their breasts. On average, women have 100,000 to 300,000 alveoli per breast, mothers with a strong milk donor reflex often have more.

Certain forms of hormonal imbalance, pituitary tumors and certain medications can also increase milk production. If you are worried, then go to the doctor.

What can I do against the strong milk donor reflex?

  • Drain before each feeding or hand-stroke milk to reduce milk flow. (You can either dump this milk or store it in a sterilized container for later use.) But do not pump too much or between meals if you want to reduce the amount of milk produced. The more you stimulate your breast and the more milk you drain, the more will be produced.

  • However, a strong milk donor reflex does not automatically mean that there is too much milk. So please keep an eye on whether it's the right thing for you to do away with or do away with - if necessary ask the midwife for advice.

  • Help your baby cope with the strong milk donor reflex by changing the nursing position. If you are usually breastfeeding, try feeding your baby upright for feeding (you may need to hold your head a little). Or lie on your back while the baby lies on top of you - that's how gravity reduces milk flow.

  • To reduce your milk supply, you must "outsmart" your body by making it believe that you are breast-feeding. You can simulate this process by quieting your little one less often or shorter. Every time breastfeeding produces less milk than before, it sends a signal to the body to produce less breast milk.

  • You can always only offer one breast for two to four meals. Put on your baby as often as you like, but keep giving him the same breast over a period of two hours. A little milk from the other breast you can pump out to reduce the pressure. This method should show first results within 24 to 48 hours.

Remember, as with most breastfeeding problems, it can take up to a week before any significant improvement occurs. In the meantime, keep in mind that your baby's difficulty with the heavy flow of milk is not a rejection of your person!

If nothing seems to help or you have health concerns, go to the doctor, midwife or a professional style consultant.

Does it harm my baby?

A strong milk donor reflex makes it difficult for your baby to drink, but it does not hurt him. See also the good side: It means that your body produces a lot of food that your baby needs for healthy growth and prosperity.

Can I still breastfeed?

Absolute! Keep breastfeeding and enjoy your ability to produce milk for your baby. advertising

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