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Get used to falling asleep in bed


Hello everybody,
I also need tips / your experiences - sorry will probably take a little longer. :-(

To our current situation: Sohnemann (just turned 1) is alternately brought to bed in the evening by me or my husband. After dinner, wrapping, breastfeeding, brushing our teeth, we go with him into our darkened bedroom at half past 7/7 and wear him until he falls asleep, while we sing him good night songs (usually takes 10min to 45min - he is tired). Then we put him in his cot, which is attached to our bed. He usually sleeps for 3 hours. When I'm still on, I lie down briefly (about 10 minutes) next to him in the cot and quiet him lying down until he sleeps again (goes more comfortable, but is ok). Usually he sleeps until 2, then I bring him to sleep in our bed and sleep with / in front of him again. I have to get up shortly after 5, often he is awake at the same time and I quiet him or I wake him briefly to breastfeeding before I go to work at 6, so he can hold out a little until breakfast / bread.

The goal: I would like to use the Christmas holidays, to get used to it (without much screaming) to the bed while falling asleep (If I try, he cries and goes to bed), because
1) he is getting too heavy for us
2) he now had a phase at times, in which he was always wide awake at 2 o'clock and did not fall asleep after breastfeeding and did not lie down anymore. My husband - who is still on parental leave -, then just carried him around until he fell asleep again, because unfortunately this is his "main sleep association" at the moment. If we both work again in 4 months and have to get out early, it would be more helpful to have another sleep association - and the hope that he may sleep through it will eventually die ....
3) It would be great to have a child who can fall asleep without direct physical contact. In our big (4) we have not made it to this day. Although she falls asleep in her own bed, with one of us next to it, who has read two short books before; but if she wakes up at night, she always needs us to be able to fall asleep again. That she comes crawling into our bed (fortunately just quiet and no longer crying loudly as before ...). I'm afraid the problem is at least partly home-made (of course it depends on the character to a degree). Meanwhile, I'm worried that she may have long-term sleep problems - my husband can not sleep through to this day and NEVER feels well rested; He was according to my mother-in-law as a child as well as our daughter regarding body contact to fall asleep. I really do not wish that to you and my son. I almost slept through the night (in front of the children) and my mother was afraid I was more of the type, the child must absolutely fall asleep alone in bed / sleep through ... Vllt. I was uncomplicated, but probably. was it me too ... n / a

Thank you very much, schonmal, that you have read this far and I would be very happy, if you would share your tips / experiences with me. How would you proceed / have you proceeded to accustom your child to sleep in the cot within a few weeks? (He still can not climb over it ... :-P)

LG Marion

PS: He does not take a pacifier or he has a cuddly toy / cloth. So far my attempts have been unsuccessful ... ☹


  • reply - 1: Hello Marion :)
    We are also practicing this with our daughter (6 months). There are of course different approaches and there you have to decide, for. For example, whether you want to make your child scream or not. I do not want that and therefore try to "gently" remove my daughter from wearing. I hold her in my arms until she is sleepy and then gently put her in her bed and then stick with it, holding her hands or stroking her and singing until she sleeps. This was at first eeewig and she was always wide awake as soon as she was in bed and Of course she also puked. Whenever she screams right, I picked her up again. But as time goes on it gets better and better and later you can put the kids to bed earlier, until they can be laid awake at some point ... But I'm not at that point either :)
    It helps us to have a very solid evening ritual, so she knows that sleeping is now.
  • reply - 2: Hello girls ...

    I also had a lot to do with sleeping with our grandfathers ... when my second daughter was born and I was about to go the same way I decided to take a course ... there one learns how to stress free handle gets ... logically, this also means less stress for the dwarf ...

    I can only recommend this to anyone ...

    Lg. Fred ...

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