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Hello my dears!
I may be a bit early, but we want to send a postcard with pre-printed text to all relatives and acquaintances.

Have you already experienced?
What do you write in?
Where do you order such cards?
When do you send her?
To whom do you send her?


  • reply - 1: Have now found the maps of Rossmann, Müller offers the same.

    Nen text I have to think unfortunately, I'm so bad in something.
    But it should start with:

    Hello _____________ (without line) where we can then always "Grandma Gertrud" or so write in!

    I already want to write the addresses on stickers, then we just have to glue them on and do not forget anyone.

  • reply - 2: Super thread first

    Know so thanks sagungskarten.wo thank you for congratulations, gifts etc thanked. Can you do it yourself or give it to a printer?

    -date of birth
    -valley size and weight
    -evtl time

    Come on it.

  • reply - 3: I am not sure if the quality of the cards at Rossmann is really that of postcards.
    We ordered "save the date" cards which were more like photos and just one-sided. But they were not that expensive!

    Elsewhere I found only 100 pack without back. But writing work for 30 people, taking care of babies, and rearranging lives is too much for me. Have learned from it and write schonmal before (raussuchen addresses and write takes always eternal;))

    Have you ever ordered which? Where, how were they?

  • reply - 4: Cool Thread !! Thank you! I'm curious what it is here for tips v.a. Regarding sellers there !!

    Who do you send the cards to? Only family / friends or neighbors / colleagues ??


  • reply - 5: Great idea. But all our people are notified in a very modern way via WhatsApp. I do not feel like doing a lot of work as most of them will throw away the cards anyway ..
  • reply - 6: I mostly work with Digital Room on PC. Vin always very satisfied with the quality.
  • reply - 7: So we want to connect the birth cards with invitation cards. Had also looked at Rossmann, but since you get out very quickly with a lot of money out. Now I want to look around at Flyeralarm. They also have a thousand products on offer and are still relatively inexpensive.
  • reply - 8: Our wedding invitation and thank you cards were from the card shop!
    They have a wonderful selection !!
    Since we will certainly order the cards after birth!

    But a great idea now already a rough plan close what and how much you need!

  • reply - 9: So I would like to throw it away now: D!
    my mom, for example, still has cards that are over ten years old and I also pick up all the ones I get! But I would only send to those, where I know that it is appreciated :)
  • reply - 10: I just looked at the page times, these are really very nice cards, directly in love with a design  
    Not cheap, but it would be worth it.
    Thanks for the tip!

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