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Hello my dears :)

I'm so confused mega.
So according to my cycle I would have a length for 24 days until my period on 25.11 and then directly an IT I had traffic with my friend every 2 days.
The real thing is that I do not know if it was 24 days long.
From my last period.

On 25.11.2013 I had my period 5 days.
On 9.12.13 I had an ES or Mir did on 8.12.13 so towards evening on the right side of my abdomen hurt it pulled down to the groin down I think that was the Mittelschmerz (I had never the pain). But my cervical mucus has confirmed it, I guess. We had traffic every two days and again on 10.12.13.
Since then, my back is down and my breasts are extremely painful ._. And this abdominal pain is normal or is that the same with you?


  • reply - 1: I can only think of it: Stay a little while and then do a pregnancy test.
  • reply - 2:

    Miri, I could not completely follow your descriptions, but I think I read that you know when your IT was and that you had sex at the right time. So I would say: in one and a half weeks you can test and know if it worked or not ^ ^

    Important: do not go crazy and please do not put too much into any pulling or tweaking into it!

  • reply - 3: I too could not really understand what you mean.
    The fact is, you have had GV during your fertile days and hope / believe you may be pregnant ;-)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, it may have slammed ;-)) 1.5 to 2 weeks after the ES is enough to do a test ;-)

    Take a look here:

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